Thursday, January 12, 2012

Natural Way to Whiten your teeth

Lately I have been so concerned about my teeth. I am use to have pearly whites and notice that
they had gotten a little darker in shade. Naturally I wanted to get rid of it, but knew that spending
loads of money at the dentist was out of the picture for me. I decided to do a few quick follow-ups
on research I had done a few years ago on baking soda.

It has been a few days I can already notice the difference in my teeth.

How to use?

It is quite simple, brush your teeth with baking soda as you would with tooth paste.
*put a tiny bit of toothpaste, water and baking soda into a cup and mix
*Use the paste to brush your teeth for about two minutes

Try not to do this too often, it is recommended that it is done twice a week until you have reached
the results you desire. Once you have nice white teeth, try doing this method once a month or two.

What Happens if it is done too often?

Baking soda will wear down the enamel in your teeth if it is done too often, and make your mouth more susceptible to cavities one sources says. I have many sources that say other wise some claim that
baking soda prevents cavities by eliminating the bacteria existent in our mouths when use accordingly.
I will say if you are going to use baking soda use it at your own discretion. There are always good and
bad in anything you use.