Friday, November 28, 2014

Inspiration: How are you living your life passionately? or Are you just Living?

 I have realize that words are powerful tools which can be used in a destructive way and become believable. I wrote a post about this on my H.E.A.R.T blog Click Here.

What can I do to lead a life that is inspiring?  I know first hand that life happens, whether it's a lost of a loved one,  career or day to day living. Life Happens! How you handle these changes can make or break you and truly affect a person. Life will throw you curve balls but what you do in that moment can affect you more than you realize. One thing I have learned this year is that regardless of how much you want time to stand still, it will keep moving. 

How are you living your life passionately?


Are you just living?

Too many of us are looking for instant gratification,  we forget to allow things to happen naturally. It may take a very long time for the universe to align you with your passion. Think for a second, if you let go of this little thing called time? Maybe you would focus on what you enjoy doing! 

Imagine if  you made a choice to do what you are passionate about.  

 Too often we allow life to define us by the jobs we have, the friends we keep, the things we do, and who society tell us to be. It can be exhausting holding titles that you never expected. 

If you are struggling with anything at the moment here are a few tips that may help.

  • Let go of time frames, and re frame from acting out of desperation
  • Use your time wisely to grow, educate yourself, build patience, persistence, and work towards your craft.
  • Turn your passion into your dreams, if you would rather have your own business than work for someone else then make a plan and work towards this goal
  • life happens, we will not always be prepared for it but ask for help when you need it 
  • seek support from friends and family that are willing to help you on the Journey
  • Life changes and this is something you cannot prevent, just be open
  • Find ways to be with yourself but also pick yourself up on  those days that make you physically weak
  • Set goals, and work to prefect your craft you never know when an opportunity will present itself 
  • Be Kind (even to the stranger because you never know who you will meet)
  • Figure out what is really holding you back or preventing you from moving forward
  • Take a moment each day to be still, be silent, and reflect
  • Be cocnsistent whether it is your hair journey, life, career consistency is always key 
  • Put in the work 
  • We all have a different path in life, do not adapt someone else's blueprint as your own. We have our own journey to fulfill 
  • Never give up, you will fall and maybe multiple times but never give up.

I hope this helps  get you through your day, after all it's FRIDAY!!

Have an amazing weekend xoxo

Stay Beautiful