Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Nail Trends

Lately I have been going crazy with my nails, I discovered this discount beauty store close to my house that carries these amazing beauty products for more than half off. Opi for 50 cent, naturally I was not convinced that they could be any good, but I havent had any problems and have gone back twice now. They have the most unique colours you will ever fine and good quality. I really need a new camera so for now I have gather a few pictures to help you all. There are really great fall trends, or just be unique and have fun! I change my nails every week, of course I do it myself cause its more fun that way!

How to care for your nails:

* Take a multivitamin daily to ensure you are getting the proper amount of vitamins
* moisturize nail beds regularly with a nondrying lotion, try this at least once a day
* Trim cuticles once a week, make sure to soften cuticles before trimming
* Make sure your nails tips arent to pointy as they are easier to break off.
* Give your nails a break from nails polish as often as possible
     -although I change up my nail polish regularly I also allow my nails to breathe for a few days in between
* I suggest wearing gloves to protect your nails, so when you are washing dishes, using cleaning products or gardening. I starting using gloves because my hands were sensitive and over time it has been very effective for both hands and nails.

If you have any other helpful tips feel free to leave a comment, it is always helpful to share what works for you.

Military Green **How I adore this colour**



Must try for your nails

For fall have fun be creativeand try something new.

* Pop art graphics like the picture above
* Tips, I love tips different colours are always fun!
* Neutrals nails are great for an office look, or a fresh natural look
* Decals - try sparkles, diamond, try heavy duty nail glue so your decals can stay on.

Your beautiful