Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My poetry post: Say it all

I realize after much thought nobody is perfect, not that I didnt know. I can't and you cant let negativity manifest in your minds! It becomes this toxic chemical building inside holding you back! I have made it a note to surround myself with people who will encourage, motivate, support, allow me to grow, learn, and vice versa. Am happy being happy so anything, or anyone that isnt on the same quest can sit back and watch me be happy with a frown on your face!

It isnt to be taken personally it is the fact that I have grown to become and will continue to grow to be the best person inside and out I can be with or with out you!! Despite my flaws, am okay with them so if you love the good things about me, then there must be the other side which as I work on me you can try to accept! Everybody has two sides!!

So as I turn my day into something productive, I dont want to glance at my facebook page to see the negativity, my bbm stays turned off so I can stay in my blissful state, my heart smiles, continues too...so
I can feel embraced

Nobody told me the world could rip you apart and spit you out! Nobody told me I could bounce back and land on both feet! And if they did I would have smiled and said no way!

I want you to know that tomorrow is always a better day, so when you look over your shoulder remember that what ever you are facing you are not alone! It is that bad, someone's got it worst. Dont let the bullies take your life, dont let them destroy who you are!

Because nobody is perfect!

Voices will sound in your head because you have heard it time and time again, patience for anyone willing to let them silent, slowly they will. Days that seem to never end, put on your house coat, grab your favourite treat, realm in your self, comfort, and beauty...

Anger broils when they do that to me, but its because nobody's perfect so when I want to throw my book at your face, or become that childish brat on your bbm, or forget my age. I remind myself am only human but a classy lady inside holds me back. She holds me back

I realize that my goals are to important to fail, my heart to fragile to hurt, my body to precious to abuse, my mind continues o grow wth knowledge, experience, books, present and past. Love is what I am, love is what I get. As I toss and turn in circles, it"s not because am confused am over joyed by the love all around me. I have given myself the greatest gift of all.

If you never accept yourself who will? ...when the world lets you down, remember there are millions here!

So my imperfections upset you, but I see yours as the qualities I dont have! I realize nobody's perfect and the minute I stop trying to be someone am not, my heart, my eyes, opened to a whole new world.

Am content!

And if nobody's perfect then why are you still sitting with the frown on your face...the people around you couldnt relate..you gave them the power to take you away...but your upset at me because your "perfections" arent perfect too...

Please dont take it personal

By: Stansia Hood