Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Healthy Winter Hair Tips

This winter I am making it my mission to really take care of my hair. My hair can really get dry in the winter months.

My tips

* Healthy eating
* Hydration- drink lots of water and also spritz my hair with water at least three times a day
* I have allocated a schedule for myself when I wash, co wash, treat everything is schedule
* I have separat bottles for my oils, and water applicaion
* Use a leave in, however I have to use very little product as I have lots of build up in m hair easily
* I make my own products
* I have implement new methods and will be following an Avuryedic regimen this winter
* Since I am getting bored with my hair I have goals, length goals, styles goals and protective styles goals
* Trying to learn as much as I can from research both on the youtube, books and other resources
* Stay strong on my journey, lately I have been so discourage, very discourage. It is a hard journey for sure
* I have started to wear wigs, yes never thought I say that but they are great protective styles.
* I make my own wigs to ensure perfect fit, an comfort.

I recently purchase the sulfate free Morracan conditioner and shampoo. That will be added to my winter regimen. So far my hair has been flourishing.


My goal is to add another 6 inches to my hair, let me know some of your goals, ask any questions or concerns you would like to know about!