Saturday, November 12, 2011

Exciting and feeling much better: Quick Update

Hey all, first let's talk about my picture above this is my wig that I made two months ago, its still going well, and the curls are from a flexi-rod set. I love it. The hair was so big and delicious (lol) and I really enjoy this look. I'll be posting the pics on Monday, for now just thought I share this with you all. I am coming with a more exciting update this weekend. I have regained some of my pics so am very happy about that. Since my last update last weekend I had lost everything on my computer which brought tears (literally) to my eyes. Anyway to say I got some of it back is an understatement, pictures of my hubby, my friends, family... am so happy. I have also been busy brain storming the reopening of my on line jewellery store, I am surprised at emails I got asking me to reopen it and inquiries on it so am very excited to be working on this again. My week has been very low key, but after watching Tower Heist last night with the hubby I laughed so much, didn't really like the way the movie ended, but overall thought it was pretty okay! Definitely happy when I watch movies like that, I need that. I am working on new material since I wasn't able to retrieve all my articles but am okay with that, I just really wanted my pictures. Okay...time for me to run it's pampering Saturdays.... am out, Hope you all had an amazing week and enjoy your weekend.... check out my new video posted HERE