Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I did the big Chop... but wait What do I do now?

I know the feeling of being natural and not knowing what to do with your hair. I was once in that
same position. When I cut my hair at the beginning of the year last year it was mainly because I was
so tired of the way it looked. It was breaking and I had no idea what to do. Thinking back, I actually
feel sorry for my hair it was years of damage, and I was natural too. I always just thought if I never
permed it, it would be fine, truth is, it is never okay to have hair and not take care of your hair.

I ended up cutting my hair and after covering it up for some time with weaves, I was intrigued at the
way my friend wore hers and eventually she explained to me about youtube and the natural community.
I must admit that same night I ran to my laptop and was glued to my computer.

Here is what I discovered: 

Do your own research:

Watch videos
talk to friends and family
trial and error

Over time you will become an expert with your hair care journey, and will also learn alot of
yourself. I found that In my year of being natural I have never loved my hair more right now,
keep in mind it is not an easy journey, I have had moments of lows but I stay positive

Stay Positive with your Hair journey

Talk good about your hair
Remind yourself why your on this journey
Stay connected with the natural hair community (online, friends, family)
Surround yourself with people that will motivate you (day to day life)
If you have no support with friends and family, keep in mind you are not alone there are great
motivation videos on youtube and always people to talk to you.
Try not to listen to what people will say to you, negativity is like poison.
Keep the haters far away

Pay attention to your hair

While your experimenting with products and I call it this because I did experiment to see if my hair
would like certain products, pay attention to your hair health.

How does your hair feel?
Is your hair very dry?
Is co-washing necessary for you hair? ( When I first started my journey I co-washed and washed did
it all, now all I do is deep condition once a week and do protective styles. I keep my regimen at this
very simple now)
Does this product had moisture to your hair?
Is it drying your hair out?
These are all things you will need to keep your eye open for...

Get to know your products?

Read read read and get to know what is good, and what is bad for your hair this will go
hand in hand when shopping for hair products and on your hair journey.

Articles on Dejavunaturals to help you:

finding natural hair products on budget
what oils are good for my natural hair
ph balance for your natural hair
natural remedies to remove build up
Check out my page Natural hair Guide

What regimen will work best for you?

This takes some times getting into, well it did for me but whether you want to buy all your products or
make your own, As some of you may know I choose to make my own out of natural products. I do buy
my shampoo and sometimes my conditioner. I do make my leave ins, sometimes my deep conditioner
and hot oil treatments ( I haven't made a hot oil treatment in a few months)

Quick idea
Ayurvedic (I will do an article on this later this week)
Be creative with your natural styles, try hair accessories on an old style.

Commit to your journey?

 If you say your going on this journey stick to it, learn and grow as your hair will learn and grow. I know
 that it will definitely be hard but if whatever you choose to do whether it is relax or be natural you must
 care for your hair. Your hair is as much a prize as you are.

Empower, Embrace, Create and Unite

Ms Stans