Friday, November 25, 2011

Fashion Fridays

It's the end of the week and since I have done a fashion find post in a while I decided to do one today

Bold lips

This has to be one of my favourite trends this fall, this year has really opened me up on the many makeup choices I can now make and wear. I remember I would never wear red but lately I have been wearing it, neutrals, and pinks they actually compliment my skin.

****Here are a few ideas**** 

Winged eyeliner

To be honest I haven't tried this look in so long but I will definitely be trying this look soon! Sephora
has some amazing colours that you can try on your eyes besides the basic black.

Here are a few ideas:

Lots of colour in your makeup and hair 

I really want to experiment with my hair but it's natural so am a little nervous with adding colour, so far I have narrowed it down to basic black or adding copper colour.

Here are a few ideas:

50's retro hairstyle

I am in love with retro hairstyles I will be trying many of these as my hair continues to grow
sometimes I get in a rut with my natural hair so these are great styles ideas to modify for my

Full eyebrows

If your like me your eyebrows dont grow in that full. I really wish they would because I think
full eyebrows are so sexy.

Here is a great helpful video on doing your brows:


Stans (Dejavunaturals)