Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nicole Ari Parker for Denim Magazine

The beautiful Nicole Ari Parker covers the Holiday issue of Denim Magazine, looking absolutely breathtaking in each pose. The 41 year old recalled the moment she first laid eyes on her husband Boris Kodjoe on the set of "Soul Food"

When Boris walked into our first rehearsal i thought of him as the really hot guy that got to play my boyfriend in the first couple of episodes. But for some reason we connected and found it easy to talk to each other and laugh and be comfortable…and then i married him. Vanessa called it from the beginning, just like a real sister would, “you know he’s feeling you right?’ instigating..”nuh-uh” I said. “Yuh-huh, watch.. that’s your man right there.” and the rest is history.

The skirt was designed by Jenise Gregg Couture Her real name is Melissa J Gregg

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