Monday, August 13, 2012

Benefits of Pre Poo

Recently I have started to do pre-poo very often with my weekly treatments, it seems 
to be working great at keeping away my fairy knots and tangles. 

What are the benefits of pre-pooing?

There are many benefits to pre-pooing which I have recently discovered myself. 
Pre-poos help to protect your hair from the harsh shampooing process. The buildup 
from most products we use lies on our scalp and not so much on our hair. This buildup 
must be removed to allow your scalp to breathe for healthy growing hair. Pre poos help 
to condition the hair building a barrier between the hair and the harsh chemicals in shampoos. 

The main idea is to use oils or a conditioner to create this barrier and 
allowing the many knots to easily be removed. Pre pooing before a detangle and wash 
can help reduce breakageand shedding that occurs Natural hair absords every thing 
around it including oils, conditioner and water. Our hair is like a big sponge and can soak 
up the oils and conditioner into our hair shaft. 

Wet or Dry Hair?

This is really up to you as a natural, you will find that many will do either or. For me 
prefer to pre-poo my hair on wet hair. I find that my hair is more manageable when my 
is wet and easier to detangle in this process. 

How often should you pre-poo?

I pre-poo at least once a week for the most part. There has been months where I have 
not pre-poo but deep condition my hair using Essential Oils and Carrier Oils. This 
questions again is very suggestive because what  may work for my hair may not work 
for yours. Pre poo is beneficial as it has been prove to soften the hair and also provide 
a barrier for the damages that the wash process may cause. It is necessary to pay 
close attention your hair, because over time you will know what is requires this week.

Step by Step guide to Pre poo

Method 1

  • you can use oils or conditioner
  • apply product to hair
  • cover with a scarf
  • leave on for a few hours and rinse

Method 2

  • Apply oils or conditioner to dry hair
  • Cover hair with a wet towel
  • Place a plastic cap over the wet towel
  • leave on for a few hours and rinse

Method 3

  • Apply oils or conditioner to wet or dry hair
  • Place plastic cap over the hair
  • Sit under the dryer for 20-30 minutes

You should immediately notice the difference, feel and moisture of your hair.

Here are a list of oils and conditioners for your Pre poo treatment: of course there are many 
others you can use that may not be on the list.  You can also choose to make your own natural 
pre-treatment at home (making my own from essentialand carrier oils seem to work great for 
my hair) 

Castor Oil
Extra Virgin Coconut oil
Vatika Oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Grapeseed oil
Jojoba oil
Argan Oil


Aubrey Organics
Burt's Bees avocado Pre-treatment
Herbal Hydration
Cantu conditioner

Go ahead and use what works for you....

Ayuvedic Pre Poo Treatment 

Brahmimake s hair darker and denser, Strengthens the hair roots and controls, prevent   hair thinning and hair loss
Methi:Helps combat baldness and hair thining
Neem: Antibacterial and Anti-dandruff agent
Coconut Milk: Promotes hair growth and stops hair loss, adds protein to mixture
Coconut Oil: Moisturizes hair at the root along with strengthening properties


To much protein can cause the hair to be brittle, hard and rigid, this in turn can cause alot of damage
to your ends and hair itself.

To much conditioning can cause the hair to be limp and fragile.

My experience:

I absolutely love using coconut oil in my hair, shea butter, aloe vera gel, olive oil and
castor oil. These seem to be part of my weekly staple products for the protection and
maintenance of my hair.

Although I have read most of these preventative methods, I must say I have tried them all.
I find that my hair loves conditioner and especially loves when I deep condition for a long time.
Yes, I do deep condition over night every few months, and deep condition for a few hours every
1-2 weeks depending on time and the protective style am wearing. When I first started my journey
I would deep conditiong every week and protein more than I probably should have. I used all
natural products and eggs for my protein. To this day I still believe that what may work for my
hair just may not work for yours and that is something we all need to discover. However basic
care such as:

  • Keeping the scalp clean
  • Protective styling
  • Simple styles not too tight or pulling at the hair
  • using a wide tooth comb
  • detangling carefully before combing
  • deep conditioning
  • eat well, and live healthy

These are standards steps that seem to work for anyone natural or relax

If you have any question please leave them always Thanks so much for your support

Stans *Dejavunaturals*