Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Natural Hair Regime 2012 Update

Hey all it:s been such a long time since I have update you all. I have a brief update on my hair and how 
I am wearing it now. Pics are below. 



Natural Hair Regime 2012 

1. Deep conditioning

From the first day that I started my hair journey I have continued to deep condition my hair every weekend or at least every two weeks. I have used many different conditioners over the last year and more (almost two years) in my hair. My hair seems to really love deep conditioning treatments. Some weeks I will only do a 20 minute deep treatment other weeks I do 5 hours or overnight.

2. Products I use

Castor Oil, Olive oil, coconut oil, edge control, eco styler gel, shea moisture conditioning treatment, aloe vera gel, I use eggs for my protein treatments, natural shea butter, jojoba oil, hello hydration conditioner, argan oil products conditioner and shampoo, live clean products conditioner and repair treatment. These are things I have used in the last six months. If I do not have a product I tend to use what I have, I am definitely far from a product junky and when it comes to my hair, I try to only experiment with what I believe will work great for my hair and always test it out first. The last thing I want is to have any problems with my hair at this point in my hair journey. One of the many things I will be implement into my regimen is an ayurdedic hair care products.

Protein Treatments

When my journey first started my hair seemed to like nothing more than my conditioning and protein treatments. I find that almost two years into my journey My hair really does not like protein treatments as often as I would like, I try to do my protein treatments every 4-6 weeks. Depending on when I remember, I don't have a set schedule for it .

3. My wigs

The two pics posted above is both wigs, yes they are wigs and I love them both, I really enjoy my wigs as they make me feel great at experimented with different looks, I love changing my hair up and trying new things so these looks work out great. I made my first wig last year and ever since that moment I have been in love with the idea of being able to throw on any look I feel like for the day. I think the best part about wigs for me is being able to take it off at the end of the day or just wear my hair, try any style I want with my hair, and be able to change it in an instant. I love that I have access to take care of my hair the way I want. I have also done the XGOLDN inspired faux ponytail pics posted below

4.Living Healthy

Lately I have really been trying to get healthy more than ever. I try to eat healthy all the time and maintain a great diet, I workout at least three times a week, eat lots of fruits and water. It started last summer and I have also stayed away from sodium and sugars.

5. Trimming my ends

I prefer not to trim my ends very often maybe every six months or whenever I feel like it needs to be done, This week is the first time I have trimmed my hair since January or February I believe which is a really long time. I really did not need to trim my hair. I absolutely refuse to put scissors to my hair if I don't need to. I will spend my time detangling, removing knots, and then if I have to I will trim or dust.

Helpful tips

  • Always remember our hair needs moisture water water water
  • Make sure to keep you scalp clean, remove any build up from the scalp
  • Use natural oils to penetrate the scalp and hair. 
  • For your scalp jojoba oil mimics our own natural hair oil called sebum and coconut oil is light enough it will not caused your pores to clog the way a heavy oil such as castor oil will. 
  • Eat healthy, you are what you eat, that goes for your skin, hair, nails, teeth and everything else in between
  • Stay away from stress, try to relax and enjoy your life. 
  • Be creative with your hair styles, you will be surprise at what watching a few youtube videos can do for you and your hair. There is no harm in trying new styles with your hair, you just might like it.
  • Remember to protect your ends at all time, they are the oldest part of our hair, try protective styles such as buns, braids, or twist.
  • Be gentle and kind to your hair, do not pull, tug and rip your hair out while combing or styling
  • Wear a silk wrap/ or cover your pillow in a silk pillow case at night to protect your hair
  • Remain patient with your hair it will grow and eventually all your hard work will pay off
  • Finally please do not compare your hair journey, whether it be natural, relax, or anything else you choose to anyone's else around you, on youtube, or anywhere else. 

If you have any questions please feel free to ask, leave comments and I look forward to responding to you all

p.s I am almost two years natural
Much love, bless!

Dejavunaturals *Stans*

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