Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Natural Alternatives to Tighthen your skin

Lastnight I really wanted to
do something for myself, do
my nails and just relax.
I spent the night going
through some sites reading
up on what  to use. I decided
to go through my fridge and
see what I had first that
would possibly be a good
natural treatment for my skin.
I decided on eggs, but what
could I possibly do with eggs?

Egg whites tighten, nourish
and moisturise the skin
leaving your face feeling
smooth and soft. Many
women say they do not see
any long term effects
when doing this treatment.
I think with natural remedies
it is like hair growth,
consistency, and patience
is the key.

Egg whites are low in cholesterol and high protein, high in calcium, potassium and iron.
Egg whites can also be used to help your complexion.
  • can help reduce the appearance of minor breakouts
  • reduce the appearance oof enlarged pores

What you should know about your skin type

For oily skin:

Make sure to use only the yolk (clear parts of the egg) if you have oily skin or add a few drops
of lemon juice. It will help eliminate oil. The egg whites dry out oil this is why it is better to use
egg whites.

For Dry Skin:

Egg yolk moisturises (yellow parts of the egg) help pit back moisturise to your skin. If you
have dry skin apply 1tsp honey to your mixture to help soften and moisturise your skin.

Things you will need

  • 1 Organic egg *always use the highest quality eggs you can find*
  • Small bowl or dish
  • Small whisk or fork
  • Unused paint brush or fingers

1. Always start with a freshly cleansed unmoisturized face

2. Break a large organic egg into a small bowl, you can separate the yolks and use the clear parts.
    Since we are using an organic egg depending on your skin type you can use both.

3. With the whisk or a fork, whip the eggs whites until have a frothy appearance to them

4. This is of course by choice Almond oil or sunflower oil you can use many Essential Oils. You
    can also use honey or milk, mix all the ingredients together until it is incorporated. You can also
    use the eggs by itself.

5. Using the pads of your fingers or an unused paint brush place the mixture all over your skin
    and neck, apply it in a circular motion. Apply in thin layers

6. Allow the skin tightening facial to remain on your face for 10-15 minutes

5. Rinse with cold water

6. Pat your skin dry and apply your moisturiser.

Why use an Organic Egg?

Eggs that are not organically produced may contain traces of hormones, pesticides or herbicides.
To prevent applying any of these chemicals to your face  be sure to use an organic produced egg.


Eggs are a known allergen that cause irritations in some people. If you experience any skin
redness, itiching, burning or swelling rinse the maks immediately and contact your doctor.