Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Eating healthy for your healthy natural hair

Since I started my journey this had to be the most difficult for me. I love eating healthy but I also enjoy eating food that many may not consider to healthy, okay it's not all that healthy. Living in the caribbean as a child I enjoy roti, doubles, all that goodness. I have learned to eat healthy growing up with m mom that was ridge about eating healthy and parents who always cook almost everyday. My dad did not believe in take out maybe once a week as a child on a friday, maybe. Besides that I was so into sports I had to eat healthy. Today I realize how important with my healthy natural hair journey they both work hand in hand.

Yes, I agree that taking care of natural hair is hard, but it is also rewarding to look back and see how far you have come. If you implement a lifestyle change for you hair, it will grow, stick with it and never give up. There are times I get discourage but I remind myself of my goals and the only way you will know is to try something. So, I am try something I had never done before, what's that ol' saying (you will not get something different by doing the same thing you did yesterday that did not work) well, it's something like that.

Here are some of the things that have help me

  • Drink lots of water daily
  • Eat salads, I eat at least one salad a day, I make my own
  • Eat plenty of fruits
  • I eat at least 3 to 4 meals a day, not snack meals
  • I eat at least 3 snacks a day
  • Reward yourself, it's okay go ahead just dont eat 10 chocolate bars
  • plan ahead, maybe make your lunches or snacks the night before or sunday it helps if your having a busy week
  • youtube is great for natural hair but also for healthy eating, ask family and friends, your parents to help you if you need help learning to cook
  • always try
  • take your vitamins, yes as a child my mom would always say this and I would screw my face up but she was right as always ...
Tips for eating healthy on a budget

Shop the farmers market
They can carry the best prices with the best organic food in season

Buy seasonal produce in large quantites
you can freeze what you wont use immediately and make shakes and smoothies

Pay attention to flyers
some stores hav great sales and will send flyers to your mail or email.

Use conpons
Some may be ashamed to show a conpon at check out but if yo are on a budget as most of us are it's okay to sav a little, every dollar counts.

Grow your own

Cook creatively
This can be so much fun for those that enjoy cooking even those that dont finding ways to cook on a budget and healthy can become a game. Try it

cod liver oil
fish oil
some also choose to take biotin or silica to grow the hair
( I will discuss this in a future article)

For more on healthy eating please visit my natural hair guide  

Here is your checklist

Remember to do your research because what may work for someone else will not for you. Our bodies need as much care as do our hair, on your healthy journey with your hair, do the same for your body and you will see even better results with both.
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