Friday, February 18, 2011

Omg ***Winter hair maintenance***

It has been a long time since I have actually done a hair post, so am excited to do this one. I hope you all have found a good balance between your winter hair and your summer or fall hair routine. It took me a while to be honest, because over the years although I was natural, I just figured there was nothing I could do about my dry scalp. This winter my main goal was keeping the ph balance of my hair . I think so far I have been doing a great job every month I grow about an inch of new hair and it really excites me to see the progress. Right now I have my hair a weave which is easier for me to deal with. Since I do my own hir, weaves, twist and braids, I'll post a few pics next week of my styles, not only do I save alot but am in control of my hair, make sure to find a great hairdresser for you natural hair. It will mak your experience that much more fun and learning adventure as well.

Our body produces Sebum which is the oil that acts as a natural moisturizer to prevent dry and brittle hair . In the winter months Sebum production is severely decreased this causes the hair to react negatively if not care for properly. Hair care enhances moisture level and keeps the hair moisturized and smooth. Dry hair is susceptible to breakage, frizz and tangling if your hair type is naturally dry then the drying effects are much more intense. For more on sebum Click here

Winter Hair Maintenance: My recommended Products to use

organic virgin Olive Oil
pure black castor oil
organic coconut oil
jojoba oil
shea butter
cocoa butter
aloe vera gel
apple cider vinegar
ayurvedic herds

Protective Styling for winter months

It is wise to wear protective styling through the winter months, my hair especially dislikes the cold, it becomes brittle, and loses it moisture if left out in the cold. I opt for protective styles like twists, braids and weaves. This helps me to minimize my breakage an seal my moisture in. I make sure to treat my hair every week with my usual treatments of hot oil treatments, deep conditioning, cleansing my scalp, eating well, working out, and staying stress free.

Reasons why protective styling is best

Stay away from blowing wind which I learn the had way will tangle your hair and remove the moisture from yor hair because of the cold air. This will cause your hair to become difficult when you are ready to detangle and do it again.Hats and scarves can cause your hair and your ends  to not only become dry but our ends may split. Try wearing a silk scarf under your hats to prevent your hair from breaking or causing damage.
Do not se excessive heat on you hair not only will it weaken your hair but it will lossen your curl pattern. Remember to treat your weaves, braids, twists if they are extensions like your natural hair, keep them clean and well moisturize as you would with your hair.

What to do?

Make sure to always moisture your ends and keep them protected. I have done much research check out my natural hair guide for more on oils and products you can use to help you. Some products listed above can be mixed together to form a "magic portion" for your hair. Yes, it does work and you will see results. However, I recommend you get to know your hair and what works for you. Make sure to drink lots of water and eat healthy, it brings out your natural beauty in your hair, skin and nails. Some naturals have choosen to press their hair for the winter, stating it is much easy to preserve the health and maintainance of your hair, I have yet to proven whether this is true or not. I prefer for now to remain with my curls throughout the year, until I reach my desired goal.

I have choosen to use alot of conditioners, I do prefer to use giovani organics since they do have ph balance formula to one of there deep conditioners. They do have several different formulas for your preference and needs. I put a little of conditioner in my leave-in so that my hair stays condition through the week and is never overally dry and make sure to use a dime size for each section of your hair so the products doesnt not build up, clogging my pores. I do not use shampoo often maybe once every month or more. I prefer to use apple cider vinegar mix that I make to remove build up, this is done every week to maintain a clean and ph balance healthy scalp.


Nutrition is important to the skin, nails and hair in any climate, but especially in the cold winter months. Essential fatty acids, as found in cold-water fish, extra virgin olive oil, flax oil or supplements such as primrose or borage oils, provide natural “waterproofing”. If essential fatty acid levels are low, hair gets dry. A key indicator that this is happening to the hair is inspecting the skin. If the appearance of “alligator shins” can be seen on the skin then there is an EFA deficiency in the body. Therefore, hair breakage will increase as well as frizzy hair. At this point the damage is done. Hair contains protein. A diet that's low in protein can cause thinning and an unhealthy look. Lecithin and soy are proven to be essential for healthy hair.

I hope this is helpful to many of you and if you have any questions or comments feel free to let me know what your winter routine looks like. I am getting ready to do my youtube channel and would love to hear more of what you think

love always