Thursday, February 24, 2011

Introduction to Dejavunaturals 2011 Naturals Hair Video

Hey guys I wanted to come on Here to talk about my hair. My hair grows thats for sure. I am really enjoying this journey more importantly I am loving my hair. I truly am In love with my hair and proving that yes we to can have beautiful hair. I have a few pics of my hair when I first started and where I am. Now I havent got a recent one because my hair will be in weave for the next month. Winter is not my friend right now and my hair said no no cover me up please, so I did.

I have been watching so many videos on youtube I decided to join and make my own videos and really start sharing my journey with you. I see so many ladies havng fun and doing what they love, so I decided to share my passion. I have been doing hair for many years now, I had to learn how to do my any at age 7 and from there it took off. My mom who lived in a different country would send my dolls to help and that's how I learned to do hair.

Today I can do everything from braids, weaves, perms, natural hair anything you name it. My hair has been natural my whole life, however I have damaged it so many times and never knew how to care for it at all. I have had to cut my hair three times or maybe even more. Finally last year I cut it the shortest it had ever been and was introduced to youtube, Now I didnt now want to jump on youtube I want to make sure what I was learning and experimenting with really work, and believe it works, it works.

I owe my continue success with my hair to kimmaytube, nikkimae, blackonyx, beautifulbrwnbabydol, prettydimples and the list goes on. More importantly I did not just watch the videos I did my research I read so much it amazed me, I learn so much I was able to explain our natural hair. I know my hair like the back of my hand. I paid attention to my hair, I think Kimmaytube said it best it makes such a difference when you can see what other women are doing to their hair and how they manage it. Emphasis on see.

I hope I can inspire someone and I thank you all for joining in on this journey, thank you to everyone that has supported and thought me so much. I thank the people in my life that showed me from an early age it's okay to have natural hair, love you the way you are. I want everyone to know I do not have anything against permed hair or whatever you choose to do. What we do with our hair is a choice and I enjoy seeing women with many different hairstyles. I have always love natural hair as a child and never strawed away from it growing up. Knowing how to care for it has only made me love it more and made my journey alot more fun and exciting

To answer my own question that I ask everyone I feature: When did yu fall in love with your hair? I have always been in love with my hair, thats why I stay natural. Today with everything I have learned I have developed a new found love fo my hair, one that will continue as my journey progresses.

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