Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Natural Valentine's day to all!!!! **Viewer Discretion is Advised****

It feels so good to be back writing and I know I have probably said that it three or more. Here is my valentine Day music list. Let me know what you guys have on your list !!

Black Love is so Beautiful
 It's amazing to see the smile on your face, to watch you as you make my life complete. I love you because you are the most amazing person I have met, caring, loving, kind, passionate all the qualities I need from you in my life. I am happy to call you my own, to have you as my own.


Valentine Nail Art

I made a cd for my hubby and here are some of my favorite songs I had on the cd, and he loved it so much

Valentine's Day CD

1. Brain Mcknight- Back at one 
                           - Crazy Love

2. Lloyd- Valentine

3. Donell Jones- I'm gonna be

4. Janet Jackson- That's the way love goes

5. Tevin Campbell- Can we talk

6. Jackson 5- Never can say goodbye

7.Aaliyah- One in a million

Spend Valentine's Day with the people you love and remember to keep the love for eachother all through the year with your love ones.  So cherish what you have 365, everyday and every year.

Here are some pics to Enjoy, as a kid we enjoyed these little cards that we exchange, this brought back memories ...xoxoxo

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you

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