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Ten tips for growing Natural Healthy Growing Hair

1) Keeping your hair moisturize with water

Water helps the body to process and flush out toxins faster, our bodies are made up of a considerable amount of water. This can be broken down by age, body, and weight. Water like pills and supplements is not a magic trick. These methods and products promote strong hair which will lead to growing and longer hair.

*make sure to drink lots of water
*mist your hair throughout the day, make sure to do this everyday
*It promotes healthy growing hair, and clear skin

2) Trim your hair

The longer your hair the more your ends have been through. Hair can get damage by environmental conditions, and styling equipment's, harsh shampooing, this can be severe if not address.
 Trimming can prevent sparse thin ends, split ends and help prevent fairy knots.

*some people trim every 6-8 weeks and that is optional
* I trim when it is necessary for me to do so. I simple pay attention to the ends of my hair

3) Do not over shampoo

We grew up shampooing our hair, but could it be that we have been doing wrong all these years?
Yes, you probably are! Mostly recently I did an experiment removing shampoo from my regimen and focusing on natural alternatives and focusing on the roots. I realize that growing healthy hair starts from the roots, so it is important it is clean and healthy. The rest of our hair is the oldest part, the driest part and most brittle so why promote this by shampooing. Some of you may think it is dirty but I use apple cider vinegar, and other natural shampoo bars to achieve clean and healthy hair.

*Try shampooing just the roots of your hair
*Use apple cider vinegar to clarify or other natural alternative
*Shampooing is very drying to your hair

4) Low manipulation styling

It is important to allow our hair to just strive on its own. The constant use of combs and brushes can cause breakage and long term damage. As we know by now growing our hair does not happen over night, so it is important that we are gentle with our hair.

*use wide combs and brushes like the Denman brush
*feel free to alter your combs and brush by removing a few combs
*use low manipulation styling to protect your edges
*do not tie your hair to tight
*do not braid to tight
*alone your hair to be free and loose

5) Protective styling

I contribute my hair growth to low manipulation styling and protective styling. I would leave my hair to flourish, maintain a clean scalp for weeks on end. I found that treating my hair every week and then putting it in a protective style has allow my hair to flourish. This is especially true in the fall and winter months, where my hair seems to become every dry.

*avoid leaving braids, twist, weaves for long periods without clarifying and removing buildup
* Lately I have notice my hair  gets extremely dry and so I have decided to wear wigs, and clip ins this winter
* Protective styling allows your ends to remain healthy and hands free

Here are a few protective styling options:

6) Nourish your bodies

For this tip, I decided to do more research than I normally would, simply because there is a science to healthy eating, much like hair. Since I am not the expert I have provided a few articles to help you.,

Please see article below on nourishing your bodies

9 steps to perfect health 2 nourish your body by Chris Kresser

For anyone that is vegan there is a great website, check it our below
Blacks going vegans

*eat healthy meals and snacks
*avoid to much junk food and food filled with sugar
*Although I do not take anything besides fish oils, and have tried silica,
use supplements that work for you

7) Be careful of accessories your use on your natural hair

I am guilty of this in the days before my healthy journey, I never realize that the pins were ripping my hair out, or that some hair snagged my hair. This is important because over time this can cause lots of damage, cause bald spots for some people if place to tightly, rubber bands can pull out a lot of hair, this I admit I used.

 *hair pins and other accessories can snag your hair pay close attention to what you buy
*if you have accessories that are pulling your hair out please stop
*Try not to place them to tight

8) Limit the use of Heat use Styling equipment: flat irons, blow dryers

*pay attention to the type of equipment you are using such as metal, it may not be good for your hair Yotype,
*Ceramic are consider better for straightening hair
*Prepare the hair by making sure you have a clean head of hair to start with it
*Make sure hair is detangle
*Many may not agree but using an oil to straight your hair, I find fries your hair, I have read a few articles that have suggested this.
*if you are using heat, use a heat protectant
*Too much heat can make your hair dry, strands brittle
* Minimize the amount of times you use heat per month/or year

9) Protect your hair at night

*Apply leave-ins as needed, implemented the LOC method has helped maintain my hair over night.
*Loc method stands for : Liquid, Oil and cream. (I will do an article in the future detailing this method)
* You might want to upgrade your pillow cover it is a great alternative. It is believe that silk or satin is better to preserve those curls.
*use a sleeping cap to protect your hair
*This is also to protect your hair when styling
*Preserve your ends

10) Pay attention to your ends

*remove fairy knots To read more on fairy Knots Click Here
*Make sure to moisturize your ends at least 3 times a week
*If you live in a country that has 4 different climates this is vital
for protecting your ends.
*Your ends is the oldest part of your hair so they need the most care

11) Deep condition/Moisturizing/Protein treatments/Hot oil Treatments

The single most effective thing I did when I begun my journey. I believe that weekly practices of training my hair has helped it flourish. I deep condition my hair every week and  use mask on my to further the affects of healthy hair growing. I have found that because my hair is very dry these practices help alot but must be maintained. I have often said in my articles the key to overall healthy with your hair is consistency and patience. Better practices will improve the look and feel of your hair. It takes patience to finally see the results needed but be patient and continue on the journey.

*I mean deep conditioning your hair using many methods
* Hot oil treatments
*Use Hair mask treatments


Products I recommend

Herbal Essence
Macadamia Natural oil

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Denman Brush

Disclaimer: This article was written with much research and taken from personal experience, all links have been provided. The pictures are not the property of this site. If you know source please send me an email at

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