Monday, November 17, 2014

Solange Knowles Wedding to Alan Ferguson

It is the least to say that Solange has grown into her own women, with your own sense of style and I imagine a unique idea of who she is. To say she is breaking the internet, well, I prefer not to compare the too, however she sure is turning heads, in a good way. 

Yesterday Solange wed her boyfriend Alan ferguson in New Orleans. Each shot comes off as pieces of art work. The all female family portrait was an ode to the work of Italian artist Vanessa Beecroft. 

Solange commisioned Humberto Leon for Kenzo to design her unique dress, and Rog Walker as her official photographer.  

The simplicity of this wedding although it may not appear simplistic in price it is however beautiful to me. 

                           There is something extremely sexy, but modest and artistic about this look.
                                                                  I love it.

Solange arrived to the ceremony in the bywater district on white bicycles decorated with cream roses and wearing an ivory-roned Jumpsuit look by Stephane Rolland. She walked down the isle to one of the couple's favourite song, a symphonic instrumental of Donny Hathaway's " I love the lord, he heard me cry" 

Performance including musician friends Kelela, Questlove, and kindness and adorable dance off between Knowles and her ten year old son Daniel Julez.

 It truly was a family affair. 



& That's it! Beautiful, simple, artistic


Please note any pics that are used in this article were taken from what is readily available to the public. I do not own these pictures but simply adorn the fashion sense and artistic approach. Details on the wedding were read on,