Monday, November 17, 2014

Top 30 Natural Hair Black Women

When I first sat down to watch this, I was very intrigued with who came up with this list. I assume the creator of this video. This video, and some may disagree is very inspiring, eyebrow raising and yes will raise alot of debate. I believe as we embrace the weaves, clips, and wigs of other races in which he happily adorn on our crowns, we should feel free to have natural hair and embrace it. I for one never say you have to "go natural" or have natural hair. I do not believe this method will work. I have always said whether you decided to have relax hair, natural hair, short or long hair or be bald it is a choice. It is a choice because there is an industry built on women altering who we physically can be and present ourselves to the world. I doubt this will ever change, but we can surely first learn to embrace our inner understanding of our whole being and maybe that will reflect the decisions and how we treat ourselves on the outside.

I have posted the video below, share your opinions and thoughts. Let me know how you feel, think and do you disagree with this video.

Maybe your list is different, let me know in the comments below?