Monday, November 10, 2014

Hair-Inspiration: Natural Hair: 5 Tips to Stay Inspired and Motivated on your Natural Hair Journey

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There are days we will all get discourage and need a little motivation. Your natural hair journey is exactly that a journey! You will discover so much of yourself when you part take on any journey: healthy, life and hair. What makes each one unique is your approach to setbacks, triumphs and challenges.

So be inspired with your hair and choice!!

Five  tips to Stay Inspired and Motivated on your Natural Hair Journey:

1) Try new styles

When I get bored with my natural hair I know very often it is time for a change. Over the years my simple answer was to try a different style. I would browse the web and find something that would excite me. This year my go to was colouring my hair and trying a new look. I loved it! Do not be afraid to try what you want with your natural hair, just know the consequences may include set backs. Do your research and be diligent with your hair care if want continued growth. Try unique protective styles like braids, twists, and faux locs.

2) Take pictures to show progress

One of the many things that has helped me in my journey is pictures. When I first began watching YouTube videos one of the many suggestions I took was to take pictures and start my own blog documenting that journey  I will often look back at pics to remind yourself of how far I have come. Progress pics will help you have clarity on your journey, video is also amazing. I make youtube videos so this helps me stay focus, make goals for yourself and stick to them. Post them and have them in your presence at all them.

3) Friend/family motivation

The greatest motivation I think is finding friends who are also on the journey. When I first decided to grow my hair out healthy, not natural because I also been, I had no one. Over the years I have great friends who are now natural  and people who I have become close to out of this journey,

4) Remind yourself why you went natural

Why did you go natural? I went natural because I wanted naturally growing hair!! I want my hair to be long, big, and beautiful. It has not gotten to my desired length but I keep going. One of the many helpful things that has helped me stay focus is seeing the health of my hair. I remember the days of breaking hair, and hair that wouldn't grow, to now a healthy head of hair.

5) Check out inspiration online

There are some great resources and social media has become one of the many ways to inspire ourselves. Take a look on instagram at pages like naturalhairdaily, search through YouTube, try Facebook and tumblr, just do a search and you'll see what I mean. There are tons of motivational quotes, pictures, and videos. This can only mean one thing, natural hair is here to stay! So be motivated if natural is your thing.

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