Friday, September 10, 2010

Homemade Deep conditioning

Homemade Deep conditioning

In the last few months deep conditioning has been my go to, that and of course a good hot oil treament never hurts. There are so many various types of homemade treatments you can make to compliment your hair type. Try to choose one and stick to it, your hair will love it. Over the past few days I have introduce my hair to grapeseed oil by adding it into my deep conditioning.

So why homemade?

Well, like anything homemade you have the comfort of knowing what the ingredients are, although I do suggest you do your research on what the benefits and negaitives are for most ingredients. I personally use
natural organic products in my hair, but that is just what I prefer. I have also made it my job to know my ingredients by researching each one. Now am not an expert but I find comfort in knowing what goes in my hair. Many others do use products store brought for natural hair and there are many that do work. It is a personal choice to do so.  When I first began this journey and watch many women on youtube make their own conditioners, I enjoyed doing the same so I have stuck to it.

Instant Conditioners?

You're probably wondering what I mean by instant conditioners, I related to them as non-home made, non-pro natural hair conditioners. These are the ones that have silicones, they make the hair appear shiny, coat the strands but additional moisture is never able to reach the hair.

Why do you need a deep conditioning treament?

Black hair can become dry, fragile and dehydrated because of the lack of moisture in our hair. Now a conditioner will not grow your hair but it will prevent  shedding and breakage. This is the reason many naturals co-wash their hair once or twice a week. It will restore the sheen, softens the hair, and smooth the cuticle. Remember to pay close attention to your ends if you take care of your ends and wear protective styles atfer deep conditoning and washing your hair, a leave in daily conditioner to your ends will retain length.

What do I use?

For my hair I use avocado, olive oil, castor oil, aloe vera gel and most recently added grapeseed oil to the mix. I will be posting a video of these ingredients later on. I usually leave this on my hair for a about an hour or more. Sometimes for protein I use one egg in my hair, along with the ingredients. Now this may sound like an experiment but that's because it is. I did say am on this journey as well with many of  the newbie naturals. Am simply here to share what I have learned and am learning. I enjoy hearing what works for others because I do believe my regimen for my hair is different from yours and the next and the next. What remains is that just to name a few a good deep conditioning treament, essential oils, proper care of the ends of your hair these care advice remain the same. I am excited to see where my hair journey is going.

List of Homemade Deep Conditioners

Rosemary Deep conditioning

1 cup of olive oil
1 cup of rosemary leaves
1 plactis cap
Heat until it gets slightly warm, apply to hair and then place plastic cap on hair you can leave this on for 30 minutes. Make sure to remove excess oil from hair and scalp after the 30 minutes. Repeat this method twice a month.

Honet and Coconut milk

This mix will protect and hydrate the hair. Pour some of your regular conditioner (preferably one without sulfate and alcohol). Add some honey and cocnut milk. To make this concoction easy to apply to hair, leave it to sit for two days in the refrigerator. You will motice after two days it will solidify making it easy to apply to your hair. Massage your hair (never use your nails to massage your scalp, instead use your tips). Leave this treament on your hair for 40-45 minutes then rinse. You can repeat this treament every two months.

Olive oil and honey

1tbsp of olive oil
1tbsp of honey
1 plastic cap
melt the mixture in the microwave for one minute nad then stir, make sure it is completely blended. Section you hair so applying is manageable. With every recipe given make sure to spread it from roots to tips for even distribution. You can choose to sit under a dryer for 30 minutes or let it sit on your hair with the plastic cap and warm towel for one hour. Rinse and then wash.

Here are a few other ideas:

Coconut oil and Avocado
Olive oil and Banana
egg and olive oil
jojoba oil, floral water and vitamin e hair conditioner
There are man others so good luck on your journey NATURALS!!

Remember over time you can train your hair to be at it's best at all times and it will flourish!!

Love and Natural Hair!!!