Friday, September 24, 2010


I recently took a trip to kensington with one of my fellow Deja vu naturals, we had a fun fun fun. Kensington is one those places that has a little of everything. A little vintage, a little unique, alot of natural, and alot to see. It is one of those places I always visit and shop. Believe it or not it has some of the most unique things you will ever find. It is one of the places I go to get some of my natural products like my raw honey.

I met some great people on my recent trip and took some great pics.

Arriving at Kensington

And the journey begins....

I just had to show you guys what I wearing. A good day!!

I cant seem to enlarge this picture. One of the Beautiful ladies of Deja vu.
Jeans vest: H&M

Just some of what you can find!!
They had some really unique accessories
Look who else we ran into, I guess he loves this place too

This was a great summer outfit: jumper, love the colours
  Funky Junky
Love this vintage store! we had so many flash back moments

I loved this so much, adorable!!

This is so true!!
They had so many to choose from!!
This brought us back, I remember playing with these as a child!!

More vintage cameras

I love this t-shirt...Can't touch this...hammertime!!

Chesty LaRue: Actress and Dancer
Saw this lovely lady managing Funky Junky. I had to take note of your vintage yet modern classic style.
Top: thrifted.
Pants: H&M
What you dont see is the back of the top it ties up ...Love it!!
Her bangles I loved she wore this look.

Altto we had a great conversation with the owner pictured above.
 The owner is from mexico so the store has this flavour to it I love.
I was able to pick up some really cool shades and accessories!!

We spotted this car...I love it!

We came across two really great stores that had some amazing natural products for hair and skin.


I came across this great shop called Tribal Eye owned by Anthony Richards. I love his energy, and his sense of humour. We spent a long time in the shop looking around and even got some organic black soap not the "painted soap" as he said they sold in many stores. He has been running the store for over 25 years and recently moved to Kensington Market. His art work is divine, he sources each piece directly from the artists and can tell each customer the history of the piece. Simply put he fell in love with African art and beauty.

In addition to all this Anthony products are all handmade, everything from Oils, candles, and his creams. One of his biggest client includes the Body Shop. I am proud to say he is Deja vu Spotlight. If your ever in Toronto Tribal eye is located at 73 Kensington Ave, Toronto Ontatio, M5T 2K2. Check it out!!