Thursday, September 30, 2010

Simmone Burton

I had a great conversation with one of Dejavunatural Simone. She was played a huge part in my inspiration to create this blog. She is a member of dejavunaturals. She is still on her journey along with myself and enjoying it, learning and growing.  A true friend and a friend that is always empowering and lifting me up. Enjoy!!

When did you decide to go Natural?
Well, I started reading a lot of black oriented material that made me feel powered as a young black woman, right after high school. The material helped me to understand who we were as black people and black history. In 2002-2003 a year after high school, I start going natural against the status co. I would rock my hair in puffs; I didn’t care what anyone thought.
How long have been natural?
From 2002-2006 my hair was natural, and then 2006 -2007 I had permed my hair because I didn’t know about hair therapy, hair treatment or hair styling for natural hair. I would just wash and condition. I wanted some length so I thought I could perm my hair, wrap set and go. When I decided to go natural I let the perm grow out and my hair kinked up. I had done this before so I knew it would work for my hair. I didn’t have to do the Big Chop when I decided to go back natural. I like it!!  There have been a couple times that I went back to perm and then back to natural.
What is your hair regimen?
My hair is sadly enough coloured treated with a metallic dye I regret, I wash my hair with Pantene Pro V Black and Natural at the moment until I can find a natural alternative. I deep conditioning with a treatment I stand by I have been using it since I was a child: Cholesterol and hair mayonnaise, I sit under a steam cap or hair dryer and I use a shower cap while I steam. Those two products can be found at your local hair supply store. For my homemade leave in I use a mixture of aloe gel, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, 3 drops or tea tree oil. It has a slight consistency of a gel and yet a great moisturiser. The aloe provides great moisture and I used it for twisting. This is what works for me! I would suggest for anyone looking for a natural hair care treatment that does not want to buy products from the local stores do your research.  If you hair is dry use peppermint with avocado and there are lots of hair recipes online and YouTube that can be very helpful. I use my silk bonnet at night.

What’s the best advice you would give to someone with a negative stigma about going natural and natural hair?
1)        Well first you have to ask yoursel& s series of question: What do you want for yourself? 
Do you want healthy hair that can grow?  Without 9ou thin+ing straight hair is the way to go.
Do you want the burden of a weave? YouTube has many videos of girls taking their weaves out and they are often so relieved once they have finished. However, you can also say that natural hair is a burden, but God gave it to you! If you want to rock natural hair, that is a decision you need to decide for yourself, and if you are scared do your research. YouTube is a great resource for girls interested in transition to natural hair. There are a lot of tips on hairstyling, treatments, healthy hair care and growth. Once you get to a level where you are able to transition or do the Big Chop then the decision is yours. If you don’t want to take that route find styles to protect your hair shaft and roots. It’s protected when your hair isn’t being damaged. If you’re protecting your hair and your hair is healthy then it’s a protective style for you to do until you get your hair to the desires length that you can start to twist your hair or styles as desired. I am not talking about ,ong hai2 but something you can style. It starts with the mind.

Secondly you should also ask yourself if keeping your hair natural fits within your everyday routine.  Natural hair would require you to have patience to wash and condition, twist and style your hair without the added use of weave. Will you feel confident?  It is a new road and if your use to getting your hair done by a beautician, you’re going to be changing up your whole lifestyle. You will always have to think about: Is my hair presentable enough to go on to the next day? You have to find a styles that works for you that makes you feel confident because the average black female does love looking good. Be confident to know even if you’re not at your best your beautiful, it’s love of self.

If you haven’t thought about going natural I can’t convince anyone to go natural, when someone is not convince in natural hair it is up to them to see the beauty. Inspiration is what compels people to go natural. If you decided that going natural is time consuming that is a choice you choose but there is a lot of girls going to school, work full time or part time have blogs and are Natural. Finally Self-will, are you willing to take the time out?
What inspires you?
1)   YouTube is my number one inspiration it is such a great tool to see other black women in North America and UK put them-selves out there, do tutorials and give their tips and techniques on hair care. It is a great support mechanism. When you see another black woman putting herself out there she is putting herself opened to be ridicule. Another black women is either going to see her videos and take her advice and start making videos. It’s empowering and beautiful to see.
2)   My friends

When did you fall in love with your hair?
I have always loved my hair as a little girl I always thought of my God given hair texture to have length. I never wished of Barbie or Bardie hair length I looked at myself as a young black girl. I saw the image in which God made me. Even though I wanted long hair I wanted long natural kinky hair. I guess I was one of that lucky girl’s that saw the beauty in it. I always loved my hair but the people around me influenced my decision to perm my hair. I saw permed hair and thought it was the way to go. If I was educated about single braids or weaves I’d been more complied to single braid my hair and weave my hair at the age of 13 when I permed my hair. My hair was long at 13, but because of the encouragement of my sister who was a hairdresser I permed my hair. I remember she had cut a huge amount of hair because it was damaged. I wish i had not; my virgin hair was beautiful in its natural state.
What would you say to your Virgin natural hair?
I don’t want to say I regret making the decision to chemically alter your luscious locks that you bless me with for 13 years, it was a decisions I made but it was the advice and influence of someone else that didn’t not embrace natural hair and now I want to come back to you I will never see you again in your virgin form but we will always be one no matter what because you’re in my memory…