Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Solange Talks Natural Hair...2010

The Afro solange knowles hair 2010 hairstyle is an example of how you can use kinky weave to enhance your tresses. Solange has fashionable style and this year she is being different in her hair choices and explore the natural side. If you are transitionong this is a great way to see how you look with natural hair. Recently, Solange did a photo shoot and interview with Refinery 29 and stated the following about her hair:

What inspired the bold new ‘do? You mentioned you can no longer hide with that hair, has it changed the way you see yourself?
“When I was recording, I was staying in a house with five guys and two showers. I knew there would be a shower wait everyday and with my natural cropped hair, it’s mandatory that I wash it otherwise it gets stuck to my head like glue! I wanted to get something that I could literally roll out of bed without looking nuts. I watched so many Chaka Khan YouTube videos and became sort of obsessed with her during the process. I went to my stylist and said ‘Give me the fro.’ I walk differently now, sing differently; This hair has spirit and soul.”

Source: Refinery29.com