Tuesday, September 14, 2010


You can't put that in your hair!...Our hair is our crown and glory so why not treat it that way! Below are a list of ingredients that you may want to check for if you are naturals or going natural. Many all natural products contain harsh chemicals not suitable for our hair and may contain synthetic emulsifiers as well, so dont be fooled!.
Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.
These chemicals contain toxins that may dry and strip your hair of vital nutrient it needs to grow.
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate:
-derived from coconut alcohols
-It is a surfactant which is anything that allows oil to mix with water which has a slight negative charge to it.
-It reduces the surface tension between it and water and is used in shampoos for normal to oily and oily hair. 
 Surfactants to avoid:
- ammonium lauryl sulfate
-ammonium laureth sulfate
-sodium laureth sulfate
-potassium coco hydrolyzed collagen
-disodium laureth sulfosuccinate.

Isopropyl Alcohol:
-derived from pertroleum
-dry agent to your hair
-do not leave for long periods on you hair can strip hair and remove top layer of skin, which may cause infections.

Propylene Glycol Distearate:
-crystallized stearic acid and ethylene glychol which gives your shampoo that mother of pearl look and feel. 
- thickening agent in hair dyes and shampoos and has humidifying effects on hair and scalp.

Disodium EDTA:
-chelating agent that gives shampoo products a stable look and feel to it.
-must not be left on the scalp for long as it has the ability to go deep down into the skin allowing for more chemicals to potentially reach the blood stream.

Cetearyl alcohol:
-Ceterayl or cetyl alcohol is made from coconut oil and is used as an emulsifier.
-makes your hair feel like velvet.
-cetearyl alcohol makes the hair feel silky smooth.
-they can be highly toxic
-can inhibit hair growth

So Good
These ingredients act as detergent for cleaning dirt, oil and debris from your hair, it provides great conditioning for your hair,  the foaming agent used in these products makes us feel like we are really cleaning the hair.bThey may make your hair feel soft, absord oils and make dry hair feel moist.
So Bad:
These are all chemicals that can be absorbed into the skin and hair. Many of the chemicals are the same used to make antifreeze and garage floor cleaners because of there base is petroleum or alcohol based. 
It is up to you to make your own research and try these products to see the effects or benefits they have for you. I have chosen to go the all natural way but also do enough research to have a "lab at home" for my hair and skin care. However whatever you choose for your hair is up to you!!

Stay Beatiful Naturals!!