Friday, September 10, 2010

Deja Vu- Up and coming Talent

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Who is JD keyz?
Musician, producer, artist, creative genius

Location: Toronto, On, Canada

Genre: Hiphop, R&B, Classic, Electronica

Influences: Chopin, Beethoven, Stevie Wonder, Rick Wakeman, those are just some.
Keyz will collaborate with musicians, vocalist emcee's and those looking to bring something new to the Canadian music scene.

He's tired of the generic, cookie cutter formula that characterizes a lot of urban and pop music today. Anyone with a fresh idea and innovation is who KEYZ is likely to work with.

Music, that's my life and inspiration to success, as he simply puts it. His style is characterized by melodic Hip Hop beats with classic overtures, sweet sonatas that make you feel like your standing in the rain.

Although classically trained, he produces R and B and electronic, there is nothing that he can’t do. He's also been known to create sounds that would fit seamlessly into a movie soundtrack or play on your radio.

The man is talented, he has been called the male answer to Alicia Keys, but don't just don't ask him to sing.

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