Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall Fashion Classics

Fashion classics are things that never go out of style, especially when you have a great sense of fashion you're able to included them in your closet time and time again. I have pulled together some great fall finds. Enjoy!!

Fitted Jacket

These can be found @ H&M
Fitted jackets are always a great way to dress up or to dress down. If you're looking for a clean classic look a fitte jacket is great to throw over any great outfit. Try them in colours to it's alot of fun to try a new look, you'll be surprise how much it works for you.

Pant Suit: Now this is not just for your 9 to 5. A great suit not just black but mix and matc your colour, with great tailouring and a unique flare can give a great polish, or fun look for fall. Whats great about a great pant suit is the blazer there are so many ways to wear a blazer and for me always been a must have in my closet. Blazer are great for great for a night out to dinner, pair it with some accessories, nice pair of jeans, r cute dress, skirt and a top, a cute pair of pumps and your out the door. Nowadays there are so many variations of the pant suit it is freshing and fun.

Neutral Coat: This classic can go with anything in your closet and your bound to find on at a great price. There are so many styles and varations to coats now that you can be classic and timeless or just fun and funky.

Plaid is great fall classic, now not everyone can get away with plaid but if done the right way it can be something to add to your closet for a long time. A great plaid jacket is a great way to make it a staple in your closet or a pair of tights (try clothes that arent to bright but add just the right amount of flare ot your outfit. Keep in mind that plaid can be done very loud or very quiet, so choose wisely and what suits you best.

Christian Louboutin Suede Boots go forabout 215$. You can find a pair like these at stores like aldo, le chateau and many other carry the variations of these.

When it comes to winter and fall, I must admit I have an obsession for tal boots around this time. I enjoy wearing them and try different colour and styles to ompliment my outfit. They never go out of style and you can always pull them back out and wer them again. It just make sense to have tall boots because you can pair them with anything from jeans to even a dress.


Accessories can make any outfit stand out. Pearls are a great way to keep a classic more structured look elegant. You can try black pearls, grey or your classic colour. I really love the way they layered the pearls.

  Large Bags
this bag is by gucci a great piece   These are from Christian Dior
and the colour is so beautiful

If you want something more affordable try aldo, forever21, H&M. They carry different styles nd variations and the pric is reasonable ranging from 19$ and up, if there is a sale sometimes even less.

Oscar de la RentaWhether they are leather or just anything the caugth your bags these can carry from summer to fall. A great bag is a timeless piece and can compliment any outfit. I love bags and enjoy something different and something unique, so i tend to search high and low for new pieces to add to my wardrobe.

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