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Oily Skin

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I discovered something so life altering to me and my skin. I now know how to take care of my oily skin! Some of you may wonder well isn’t that something you should know, I thought so myself. The thing is I thought I knew how to take care of my oily skin, but I was wrong. I spent the last year having some major problems with my skin throughout the summer it just got worst and worst. There were days I had some serious breakouts on my face, sometimes so embarrassed I wore so much makeup, it is a relief to share this article with you because I now have flawless skin. It has become my mission to retain my skins health and even have skin that is unbelievably smooth. Through my research for Dejavunaturals I am learning so much and experiencing so much.
Causes of Oily skin:
·       Sebaceous glands: This is what is responsible for oily skin, over productive of these glands and leaves excess amounts of sebum on your skin make it prone to breakouts.
It is necessary for anyone with Oily skin to keep their skin clean; otherwise it will be prone to form acne lesions. Sebum can make the skin sticky attracting dirt from the environment clogging the pores by increasing sebum secretion. Oily skin has open and enlarged pores. Make sure to wash your face a few times a day to remove sebum. It is especially necessary to wash your face at night if you wear make-up. The residues can be the enemy to oily skin, be gentle with your skin and try to prevent the spread of infection if you have acne or broken skin. Massaging the skin improves circulation.
·       Hereditary
·       Diet
·       Hormone levels
·       Cosmetics you use
·       Clogged pores
·       Humidity and hot weather
These causes may vary from skin to skin and could be a reaction from birth control pills, medication to the simplest things such as having a clean face.
Good News: This type of skin is generally slower to show fine lines, wrinkles and discolourations.
Bad News: Oily skin tends to have frequent breakouts, large pores and a greasy appearance from time to time.
What to do?
  • Cleanse you face daily with water. I use a clean wash cloth and soak it in warm water and apply it to my face to remove oil from my pores so I am able to clear my skin from sebum. I gently pat my skin and rub away any dirt or oil. I may wash or apply one of my DIY face wash and then apply moisturizer.
  • You have to find a product that works well for you; it will not work the same for every skin type or every person. This can be hard as it took a while for me to find products that work. I have also opted to make a lot of products for my skin at home. One of my greatest inspirations was moptopmaven. Her blog has a great recipe for your skin combining oils that do wonders for the skin.
  • Avoid using harsh cleansers that may dry out the skin and make the skin become even oilier.
  • Use sunscreens that won’t clog pores and are oil free. Oily skin has also been proven to be hereditary. Shea butter is a great natural sunscreen but should be using sparingly.
  • Do touch your face constantly, dirty hands and oils from your hands can lead to breakouts. Sensitive skin must be treated with the same care as natural hair.
  • Stop over cleansing: Do not cleaning your face four times a day, if you are using some store brought products you may be damaging the skin or stripping the skin.
  • Change your makeup frequently: This is very important if you wear a lot of makeup you have to make sure to not only clean your face before you put the make-up on but after. Make sure your face is CLEAN. The last thing you want is the makeup to go into those enlarged pores and stay there to contribute to your already oily skin.
  • Use a clay mask, Bentonite clay is amazing for the face: It works wonders
Oily and sensitive skin:
This skin type requires products that won’t irritate the skin. When it comes to the skin as our hair it can be a trial and error as I have found out.
What to do for sensitive skin?
  • Wash your skin twice a day: use face washes that can absorb the extra oil from you face.
  • Homemade Ingredients: You can use oatmeal and honey to clean the skin. Apply to the skin and leave on for 15 minutes and rinse with cold water. Oatmeal is great for absorbing oil from the face and honey as we is a great natural astringent that tightens oily skin and helps to prevent overproduction of sebum on the skin.
  • Occupy your hands: Try not to touch your face; you do not want to transfer oils from another surface to your face or foods.
  • Apply makeup products that are water based: oil base makeup maybe too heavy for the skin and only adds to the oil that you already have. Make sure to wash away makeup from the skin and allow the skin to breathe. Buy products that are made for oily skin.
  • Allow the skin to breathe: A lot of times when we have breakouts it could also be because the skin cannot breathe. The best thing to do is remove any excess oil or dead skin. Cleanse your skin gently to allow the skin to breathe. Believe it or not this will allow your skin to shine again. 
  • Exfoliate your skin at least once or twice a week: I have been using brown sugar and honey once in a while I will use oatmeal instead of brown sugar.
  • Steam your face: I do this often as it allows me to open my pores and remove excess oil, and also get rid of dead skin that may be clogging. It can be very relaxing and a great way to get rid of breakouts. This can be done before you wash you face or apply any DIY face remedies.
Cleansing your Oily skin:
Once I figured out that my skin was producing too much sebum and is prone to breakouts I began to understand what I needed to do. I have read many articles, watch many videos and read books to understand what I had to do since I already knew what sebum meant for the scalp. I began removing the dead skin from my pores to prevent blockage. I had a family member mention to use lime and cucumber, baking soda (which i have yet to try baking soda, I am weary about trying this, so I will have to do some research on this). 
Essential Oils for Oily skin:
Sage, Lemon, Juniper, Grape seed oil, Bergamot, Peppermint oil, Vitamin E
Ayurveda and Home Remedies:
  • Lime and Cucumber: Squeeze the juice from both the lime and cucumber mix together and apply to face before you wash or take a hot bath.
  • Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is not only great for the hair but also for the skin because of its healing properties.
  • Apple cider vinegar: I use this to remove excess oil especially on day that I wear make-up. I do not wear makeup often as is one a quest to have natural glowing beautiful skin. The acid helps to remove the excess oil from your skin
  • Lemon juice, flour, turmeric powder: Mix together and apply all over the face, once dry, rinse. Lemon juice is a great home remedy for dark spots and clearing the complexion. Turmeric brightens the look. Your skin will fell renewed. Turmeric is also used for many other herbal remedies and some drink it as a tea.
  • Vitamin E: I use this some night after my face wash as a moisturize I find it does wonders for my skin. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant it prevents skin damage and is great for soften the skin.
  • Honey: Hones is a natural moisturizer, apply a thin layer of honey all over the face and wash it off. This can also be done as mention before with sugar to exfoliate the skin.
Clay masks Recipe:
Green Clay
2 drop of lemon juice
1tble honey
1tbsp of plain yogurt
2 drops of lavender oil
Add water and make a paste, apply all over the face and neck, once dry rinse. Clay is used by many because of its deep cleansing properties.
Diet: Our diet is important what you eat often appears on the skin. Avoid fried foods, junk food, and soft drinks. The intake of fat in your diet should be reduced as well and your fluid intake increase. Drinking lots of water will rid your body of toxins and keep your skin hydrated. This is also great for my natural hair ladies looking to maximize their healthy hair growth. Include proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet.
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