Friday, October 8, 2010

Absolutely Divine

If you looking for a little inspiration to spice up your closet, this is great start. It shows that colour looks great and what a better way to wear colour than with your natural hair. I posted these pictures because the prints... the dresses are absolutely beautiful, they immediately caught my attention when I began explore the company. The company is called Vlisco, they have several stores including the Republic of Congo, Togo, Ivory Coast, The Netherlands, Benim and Nigeria. Their prints are African inspired and I must say divine. I encourage you all to be confident with what you have and embrace who are you. I know it can be so hard sometimes to hold your head up, we all have days were we dont feel our best, but it takes alot to be who you are. I always stress the importance of self-love because you arent able to love people if you cant truly love youself. That is also another reason I stress the importance of taking care of yourself. People will follow in your foot steps and your able to teach and also learn. You also can not take care of anyone that needs you if your are not taking care of youself first. Get inspired to become a better person and live your life to the fullest. It is such an amazing feeling to be at peace to be happy and to just live!!!