Monday, October 18, 2010

Toronto Election- Sharon Joseph

I thank Sharon Joseph for being such an inspiration and taking the time to speak with me. I hope this inspires you all who live in Toronto, Canada (Ward 7), to go out and vote and be a part of a good change.

I CARE has become her statement to let the community know where she stands.
Iinvest in affordable housing, adequate health care
Create a forum to deal with the issue of small business nd schools
Actively revitalize social services
Revamp resources for youth
Ensure Equal opporunites for all

Sharon Joseph for Toronto City Councillor Ward 7 York West

Community Work and Activism

For over a decade, Sharon Joseph has worked as a social advocate in the Jane Finch community, continually advocating for the needs and issues in the heart of the Jane Finch community.

Sharon’s community outreach and advocacy focuses on, addressing the root causes related to the lack of adequate health care services, employment, child care, school closures, the closure of small businesses, lack of resources for the youth and after school programs, housing and increasing violence that leaves many in a state of grief and poverty.

Throughout Sharon’s work within communities and agencies, to reduce violence and build solidarity, she has established an annual Peace Walk and Fair in the Jane and Finch community. Sharon believes, “Safety is very important in any community for children and community members to grow and live healthier and happier lives”.

Success Story …The Greatness in You

Sharon is a resident of Toronto and the proud mother of three children. After immigrating from her homeland of Trinidad and Tobago over 23 years ago, Sharon left in search of a better life in Canada.

With much determination, perseverance and vision, Sharon successfully completed her a College
Diploma  in Health Science, A Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Certification in Adolescent and Youth as well as a Certificate in Facilitation. Her professional expertise includes: Counseling, Education, Special Needs and Social Services.

Leadership … Making a Difference

Sharon sits on a number of community development groups, including: The Canadian Alliance of Black Educators, The Black Community Police Consultative Committee, Jane-Finch Street Involved Coalition, the Jane Finch Community Crisis Response Protocol as well as actively participates in the 31 Division Community Meetings. Be a voice with Sharon Joseph on these issues. Take the lead in creating change.
In her words: "Be part of your community, I have been fighting all my life for the youth of our coomunity and the elderly. You cannot sit back and watch someone else take care of your community and expect change. It is not about me., I am very family oriented, and notice we hve not been given a chance to manage anything successfully. I am saying to people it was hard to put my name on the ballot but stand with me as a family we're people from different cultures but stand with me now and let's get things done. You can pick up the phone and discuss issues with me, I am very proactve and will listen and share my thoughts. I need the people to stand up and say "YES WE CAN", the way obama said it. We cannot relay on Obama to change everything, we live in Canada, we live in Toronto. You being a young person and saying I will put her on my website is inspirational because you are saying let's do this becaus if Sharon get in office we can get in there to because she will open the door for us. Many people who have gone before us somethimes dont open the doors, they got in there worked, shut the door and went on. So now is the time to see young people running for office. Jamal Clark is running for ward 8, I mentor him and tutor him to get in there. Do not allow people to come come in from the outside and manage us. So that's one of he reason I really want to faciliate alot of young people and teach them how they can go out into their community and encourage other people. It is very important to vote because we are paying taxes too. If you vote you have a voice but when you don't vote we don't get things done in our community. It is crime infested, proverty, lack of housing, health care and the list goes on and on. We must paticipate and not just complain. Be active"

Supporting Our Community

Where and When to vote:
The Next Municpal Elections is Monday October 25, 2010
for more infomation vist:
Contact, Join the Campaign or Volunteer
 647 262 4811
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