Monday, October 4, 2010

Deja Vu Spotlight

Toni Daley

When I first came across youtube as a place of inspiration and connecting with other naturals, I never knew that people showcased their natural hair and art. Toni Daley is one of those inspirational naturals. From her hair, to her art work, to her jewellery, I LOVE IT ALL!! I am so excited to feature her as this weeks Deja Vu Spotlight. It is so well deserve, she is beautiful and inspirational. It took me a really long time to find a network of naturals in Toronto, Canada. It is so nice to have the opportunity to meet some of these ladies and showcase their artwork and love for natural hair.  Below I have listed where you can find her art work, her jewellery and her youtube videos. Enjoy!!

what inspires you about your hair?
I’m inspired by the versatility of my natural hair.  When I wake up I decide if its going to be straight, slicked, coily, kinky or all of the above! 

What inspired you to go natural?
I actually was not inspired to go natural.  I went natural by accident after wearing extensions for 2 years!  When I took my braids down I liked what I saw.  After being natural for years I now know this was considered “transitioning”  but at the time I simply wanted to wear braids!

How long have you been natural?
About 5 years

How has the journey been for you?
It’s been fun!  I’ve met people I wouldn’t have met otherwise.  I’ve learned to do things I wouldn’t have learned otherwise.

Hair care:

What is your hair regimen?
I cowash a couple times a week and use shampoo only when I feel I need it.   I deep condition at least once a month.

What products works for you and you love?
My hair and I both love 100% raw unrefined shea butter, it works great at improving the elasticity in my hair, I use it on a daily basis on its own and I even mix up my own whipped shea butter mix.  I also love organic root stimulator hair mayonnaise as my deep conditioner, my hair always feels happy after using it.


How has your hair inspired you art?
My art is inspired by beauty….I find beauty in all things in every day life but since I am surrounded by a strong network of natural black beauties….my art often reflects my strongest influences.

Where else can we view your art collection?


What advice would you give to someone thinking about going natural and youtubing their journey?
To someone thinking of going natural I would just encourage them to be patient ….some products will fail, and some styles will go horribly wrong, but if you hang in there, you will find exactly what works for you. If you are thinking of documenting your journey on youtube just be yourself. J

When did you fall in love with you hair?
It was the first day I wore my natural hair out. After my accidental transition I kept my hair natural but covered under half wigs and braids.  It was one evening in between “sets”  I had just taken a set of braids down and deep conditioned my hair but I felt like trying something new so I decided to go to the beauty supply store. Since it was close to closing time I decided to skip my half wig and pulled my hair into a puff.  When I got there, a woman approached me and said those 4 magic words…..” I love your hair”  It was then that it dawned on me….that was the first time, I had been complimented on MY hair.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d gotten that compliment before…I’d heard those words often….but always while sporting braids or twists or weave or a phony pony.  This time was different….it was all me.  I smiled, and said thank you….i love my hair too. And I meant it.


Why youtube?
I’m a do-it-yourselfer and youtube is visual learners manual. From hair to make up to products to around the house projects….. I can literally type in anything and find a tutorial on it!

Why is it important for you to share your story on youtube?
I started making videos as a way to display my art….but once I found the natural youtube community I was hooked.  We encourage one another and learn from one another and inspire one another.  I love truly my youtube family!


Youtube Channel:
If your interested in purchasing her art, jewellery or creative tees at:

Stay tune...I will be doing a giveaway on her laser cut teak wood earring!!! As a thank you to all my readers!!

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