Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fairy Knots

Fairy Knots
For the last few weeks I have encountered these so called fairy knots because of my lack of detangling. I usually detangled with my wide tooth comb, but lately opted to use my hands. This no-comb method may not be working at all because I recently discovered fairy knots all over my hair. I didn`t even know what they were called until I did some research about these little tiny weeny knots. I always love to share when I learn something new, see I figured out why they are popping up and why I hadn’t had them before.
What are fairy knots?       
After a few days of research I discovered that fairy knots are the single strand knots and happens more often than we would like to think. They are called fairy knots because they are so tiny in size only a fairy could have tied it.
Why are there Knots in my Natural hair?
Natural hair can be very coily and curly, because of the twist and turns it can knot up on its own. When you discover you have fairy knots it is wise to look after them right away. They can cause breakage and split ends and that will prevent you from retaining length. I always stress paying close attention to your hair, check up on your hair frequently to keep the fairies away.

·       Lack of frequently conditioning and moisturizing
·       Split ends
·       Inconsistent detangle
·       Wearing hair wild and loose and flowing free

Make sure to moisturize daily with your leave-in which should be water based and seal your ends with oil or butter. I have been using Shea butter and castor oil to help me with this problem. It has been working wonders for me.
Protective styling
Make sure that your hair is protected; hair that is left out and not properly cared for can get dry and brittle and result in split ends and cause breakage. When you do your twists make sure your ends are twisted all the way through to your ends and protected, this will help keep the ends from friction on your clothes and shoulders. This goes for any protective styling, protect your ends.
Deep Condition
You can detangle your ends by soaking your hair in conditioner; however the ends can break off and cause more damage so you have to be gentle with this method. Make sure to detangle your hair often and moisturize you hair when wet so that it absorbs the nutrients and is able to maintain healthy ends.
Trim your ends
If you discover unruly ends or knots cut them off, for me it is very frustration to discover these knots in my hair. I have been able to keep them away by simply just getting rid of them when I find them and using these methods to make sure they don’t return.
Oil Rinse
I tried this a while back and it worked really well for my hair. I simply just mixed oils together and let it sit in my hair for a few hours and then I rinse it out. You have to be careful not to use too much you don’t want oily hair and make sure to get as much oil out of your hair.
What you should know:
If you do not handle with care and get rid of fairy knots they can travel up the ends of your hair to the roots causing breakage. Try detangling in the shower I tend to do this a lot and notice when I stop I discovered fairy knots in my hair. Some naturals argue that everyone has them, to be honest before I stop detangle and went no comb method I had no knots, so am going back to my routine to retain the length. Make sure to remove the knots from your strands, I prefer not to cut all my ends because I find one knot. I will usually sit down and go through my knots and remove them one by one. I know it can be annoying, but do you really want to cut your hair off unless you need a trim. Getting a trim will help as well but if you have a few knots just take them out.

Do you have fairy knots?
What is your method for removing them?
Feel free to share how you combat the fairies.
Remember my method and what I have found from research may be different than yours, so feel free to share your story and what works for you. It will not only help yourself but others dealing with this issue.

Stay Beautiful!!


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