Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dejavunaturals- Who are you?

We are constantly asked this question so we have decided to answer this question and let you know who we are. Some are wondering since we just appeared. We did not start the traditional way most naturals start. We did not start our journey on YouTube but choose to blog. We will however be sharing our journey with you soon.

Dejavunaturals is an information site base on natural beauty. We offer advice, support, tutorials and soon a show. The site is geared toward the audience that is as we are called "naturals". We do wear our hair natural and healthy some short, some long. YouTube is a source of great inspiration, ladies such as: kimmay, moptopmaven, curlynikki, splinta, tonidaley and so much more made it easy to embark on this journey with them. You can find a few interviews from naturals on our blog and there will be much more of them to come.

Dejavunaturals was formed by Stansia. She is also the writer of the blog and the drive behind the events, and information. She is also featured over the past few years as a writer for websites, news article and most recently artists. She is also currently working on her album and enjoying her journey.

She decided to start this after learning a great deal and how not only to maintain a natural hair but to grow it healthy. Inspired by naturals herself she has been natural her whole life. Here is what she had to say:

“I decided to start dejavunaturals because I really just wanted to share what I was learning. It was quite a bit of information, it reflected the direction in which my life was about to go. I realize quickly how important it is to use things like essential oils, and carrier oils, what it means to live a healthy lifestyle, or how to grow our hair past our shoulders. I mean am sure you can but will your hair have body, and life, soft and manageable, most likely it won’t. It was so touching to see Black women help each other and truly feel inspired and love not only themselves but the people that watch them. First and foremost I love to write it is sort of a therapy for me, am able to just say what I think, learn or see. So I started dejavunaturals with the hopes that I had a lot to offer and someone would be willing to read. When we are constantly being told that this is what we need to look like and why we should over process our hair eventually there needs to be a change. I got inspired by so many ladies on YouTube watching their journey and their stories I embarked on my own journey with a close friend and now dejavunatural ladies Simone. So far our journey is amazing our hair is growing and it's healthy and it's natural. You can find Simone story which is posted in our spotlight section. I always keep saying I want my hair to get so long and healthy that it just blows everywhere when I walk. When we decided to go on this journey it was hard, because there is a stigma attached to wearing natural hair. I mean I have been doing it most of my life although I would go back and forth from braids to weaves but I also damaged my hair by pressing and the hot combs. Once I stop I also became more aware, I wanted to learn about everything I came across, read and share what I learned. So here I am, still learning, growing and sharing. I am so happy now with me, with life, it has been one of the best things I could have ever done. It wasn’t just my hair it was life in general I changed everything the way I eat, the way I work out, the things I did, became a better person. I realize I had to start living for me and not for the past, or what I did, what I was sorry for, people that passed through my life, things I got hurt from I just wanted to live. SO right now, right now am so damn happy. It doesn’t make sense to be this happy but it does to me now."

As naturals we have learned that it takes patience and a lot of care. We only use things like natural products, essential oils, carrier oils, and protective styling such as twists to help maintain help hair, healthy scalp, and growth. For more on natural healthy hair care:

At the moment dejavunatuals is made up of three beautiful women and we are currently seeking one more person. Our first natural hair gathering will take place at the end of November details to come. The show and tutorials will start late December

For now we will be featuring giveaways, you must be a follower of the blog to event any contest we feature. The prizes will include everything from art to jewellery, natural products and clothing

Dejavunaturals: We thank you for tuning in. Feel free to comment or share your story with us!!

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