Thursday, October 21, 2010


When I first started writing I was about eleven. I love to write every and anything, it is such an amazing feeling to learn and grow and be able to share it. I started writing because I was so shy and quiet and it was a way to release and say what I wanted. I thank you all for tuning in day after day, I always try to think about what my readers are looking for and when questions are ask make sure to answer. It always amazes me to see the places people are tuning in from, so thank you I am humble. I took some time to write a short piece of what I am working on right now, it will soon be turned into a book. I would love to have some feedback.
I watched as he put his arms around me, and wiped the tears away from my eyes, "Baby, I love you". It seemed like yesterday when he first said those words to me. Every night he went to bed he would hold me tight and if it wasn’t close enough say "baby, come closer”. I always joked about how close he wanted me and deep down I was so happy to have a man that loved me and wanted me close to him, and kept me warm at night. On the cold nights he had a way of telling me strip naked, he’ll keep me warm throughout the night. Although I would wake up on the other side of the bed I would fall asleep right in his arms.
I had asked for a man that was loving, kind, caring and even though there were things I could do without he was absolutely worth putting up the fight for. The minor things I could live with.
His arms came up quickly as he changed his shirt and I remembered the first time I saw his body and what I had thought, well, I wanted to kiss every spot covered by melanin, trace his lips on mine and watch as he responded with a kiss on my neck, and lips. Right in that moment I wouldn’t be able to stop so the night would end with us in each other’s arms.
There was always a surprise something new to learn and right then and there I knew he wasn’t the average man. He reminded ambitious and always on time, keeping me near his heart. It made the ones who didn’t stand a chance cringe when they saw us together “what, I thought you didn’t want a girl”, I said the same thing “I’m happy alone”. So no more games, no more playing around we fell in love, the sweetest way. Six weeks later he knock on my door said “get out of bed, I got something to say, I love you baby and am here to stay”.
See, that is the love my grandfather used to say that a black man will love his woman. So after I have gone through all the men that threw me away, the ones I wished I never knew, the ones I said goodbye too. I find peace with him. I often wish I found him first. I wonder if his maturity came with age but whatever it was he was sent for me. So yes I hold him tight, cause when he runs his arms down my spine, kiss me on my forehead, holds my hand so tight, protect me from the world and looks into my eyes, I am complete knowing my love isn’t in vain.
When I hear him whisper my name “baby you okay” and with the same reply “I’m okay baby, you okay”, I don’t mean to sound in the skies but, have you ever had that kind of love? I mean the one that makes you wonder if you were ever in love.
I watched as he put his arms around me and wiped the tears away from my eyes. “I love you”