Friday, March 25, 2011

For the love of Natural Hair

Isnt it amazing how beautiful Natural hair can be, I mean any hair can be but natural hair is so versatile that its just pure beauty at it's finest. I admired these photos for so long and I just had to share these with your all. I am not sure where this picture is from, but I came over it and absolutely fell in love with it. I love the tones in this picture they set te mood of the whole picture. If you all love it, Press the like button, it truely is Art through Inspiration


What makes you love natural hair?
Do you get annoyed by your hair?
Does the health of your hair matter than length?

I love the versatility, I love the fact that I can wear my hair straight, curly, braided out, twist outs, anything  I choose I can do. I love our hair, our texture, I believe it is one of the most precious things given to us an we should not only take care of it but love it. I do believe that what you choose to do with your hair is your business.

I will never look down on anyone that is not natural because I loved straigthening my natural hair at one point almost every day. This obsession with heat on my hair is what sparked my natural hair breakage and I decided to go on this healthy journey instead. My hair is growing back quite quickly and alot more healthier. I love the way that my hair feels, I am able to manage it so much more effectively.

Yes I do get annoyed something, I feel so bad for saying that but it's true. I try to keep in mind why I went on this journey and it's like any other journey you have to stay focus and remember what you want your ends results to be. My dream is to one day rock a fro so big it blocks so many people in a crowd. lol. is that rude...well no literally but I just have this vision of my hair. I

It isnt just about length for me, it's about health as well more importantly thats why most of my products are homemade and organic. My diet ties into my hair, health and body, so I have choosen to live the best way not just my hair. I think it would be crazy for me to put avocadoes in my hair but never eat them. There good for your hair, there good for your body,  I want a healthy big fro. I have never had hair long that my shoulders, so am looking to grow it longer than that. I think I really want to prove something to myself that I can grow long hair. For now I wait patiently as I watch my hair grow and enjoy my journey.

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