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My Winter Hair***Weave***: faqs

Hi beautifuls!!! It has been long time with my winter hair, I call this my winter hair because I wear protectives styles all winter. I do take it out and maybe let it free for a day or two and then it goes right back. I personally prefer it this way, I hate that cold feeling hitting against my hair. Funny, because I love washing my hair with cool water, I just hate when I feel cold. I decided to talk about my winter hair because as many of you have notice I am getting really interested in becoming a part of youtube and have started making a few videos and will be doing tutorials. hair styles and yes some fashion looks.

My winter hair is my weave, and although she can be stubborn she always looks amazing. I get lots of questions: I will answer all those questions and so much more.

How do you keep your weave for so many months?

I treat my weave like she is my hair, like a person. I believe that you have to take care of anything you have, such being your weave. I am able to keep it in for so many months because I often treat it, I do deep conditioning with it, leave in and I use giovanni on it. Does this sound crazy?...I hope not, but my weave looks amazing all the time because of the care I put in to it. To be quite honest I dont spend hundreds of dollars on my weave at all. I perfer not to since I do a good job with the price range I stick to. This also allows me to save money. I believe that you dont have to spend a fortune to have a great looking weave but you do have to spend some money to keep it looking great but not alot.
 Here is a step by step guide:

1) Always make sure that you do not use alot of product
I do not use any product on my weave, just on my hair to apply my leave-in. I also make my own products and it is not heavy so it allows me to avoid product build-up

2) Pay attention to your scalp, if you hair is dry or needs to be treated make sure this gets done, remember that you can react to a weave or extensions because of chemicals they use. If your scalp is irritate do not continue to use that brand of hair.
3) Always make sure that your weave is clean, by simply washing it out with conditioner can remove build as well, let the conditioner sit in the weave for 10-15min and then rinse thorougly.

For your hair continue your treatments, make sure your scalp is clean and build has been remove, by simply using apple cider vinegar mixed with 2 parts of water you will remove all the build up from your hair.
-hot oil treatments
-deep conditioning
-protein treatments

After you have rinse your weave out, make sure to let it dry. I normally do not blow dry my weave, I let it dry overnight, which may take a while but it protects the hair. Keep in mind that this works best if you remove your weave from your hair. If I have to go out unexpectedly I will blow dry it, however I will keep the blow drier on low and cool.

If I wash my hair with the weave I always wrap the sections like I would washing my hair. This prevents excess shedding, tangles and just a mess from happening.

3) Before you put your weave in make sure to detangle your hair properly because this will help minimize fairy knots and damage to your hair. If you never took your weave out while washing your weave make sure that you redo tracks that maybe loose or falling out. If you do not know how to sew in your weave, please have your hairstylist redo them for you.

When your hair is ready to be flat ironed keep the iron on a low heat, you will notice the look you will get, like you never touched it. I will be doing a tutorial video on this soon, I hope this helps many of you, it takes practice but you will get perfect at retain a healthy scalp with your weave.

4) Always apply leave-in before putting your weave in, make sure to concentrate on your ends. Oil your scalp, do not use to much oil. Let yourr hair natural sebum do it's job.

Do you ever change your weave?

Yes, I do change my weave, I do not like when my weave does not look like it has just been done. If I wash it and I notice I can only wear it for another two weeks then thats what I do. In the summer months I just wear my hair or twist, sometimes weaves. Over time you will know when a weave cannot be revived, most can last a very long time so although I do replace them it is after a long time.

When you flat iron the weave does it affect your natural hair?

No it does not. My flat iron is usually very low, I have a great flat iron that goes as low as 42, crazy but true. I keep it normally around 100-150 this helps eliminate that iron smell for the weave, using less products will eliminate it to. My hair still stays straight and I have less tangles in my weave and looks fresh throughout he day. I also prefer to use a comb when flat iron this prevents me from pulling at my own hair with the flat iron.

How often do you flat iron your weave?

I do it only when I am going out. I tend to wrap it in a bun in the night time. I know many of you may wrap your hair, I prefer to wrap it in a bun for me this helps protect the ends of the weave. It bothers me when the ends become unpresentable. Make sure that it is not to tight, you do not want it pulling your hair. Personally, if wrap works better for you do the wrap for me it took years for prefecting these tools.

Does your hair grow healthy with the weave?

Yes it does, because I put so much time and energy into my hair it does. I pay close attention to my scalp. I do my leave-ins and treatments regularly. I implement everything I would do with my natural hair when I wear it out that I would when wearing a weave, so yes I do co-wash as well. However keep in mind that I do my own hair so it has never bothered me, it is a time consuming process every week but I am excited to see my hair grow, see my hair healthy and most importantly it is what works for me. My hair is dry so it needs lots and lots of moisture.

Do you ever experience breakage with  your weave?

I used to experience breakage before I went on this journey. I never understood why my hair was so dry, never knew how to care for my weave properly so I would experience alot of damage because of dry scalp. I would also experience breakage around my hair line because of the constant flat iron I did when I put in tracks but left my hair out. I would have to flat iron my hair and the weave, this was the worst idea mainly because I did not have the knowledge I have know to protect my hair.

I have not straightened my hair since late 2009 because of the damage I did to my hair. I did my finally BIG CHOP in early 2010 and it took about three months to chop away all the bad hair I believe my last chop was in June. I could of watched it grow because it was natural but the ends were straight and would not revert back to my natural curls. I have taken up the idea of treating myself once a year. This means that I only straighten my hair once a year, however I am not sure if I will be doing that this year, since am coming up to my one year mark in June. I decided to celebrate it in june because thats really when I said "okay this is it am going on this journey and committing to it."

If you are natural why arent you wearing your hair?

I have gotten this question alot, I love weave yes I love weave, why because you can do so much to them. I prefer not to cut and chop my hair or colour my hair, although I have been thinking of doing colour, for now am not. I do hair so I am a very creative person but I am very careful with my hair, weaves allow me to be creative. They can be fun and really allows you to be a different person. I wear my hair mostly in the summer months, drying is my main issue in the winter months so it needs to be taken care of properly. I believe as a natural wo wears weave there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing them and embracing them.

Thank you guys for your questions. If you have any questions you would like to ask anything you want to know.

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