Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lips, Nails & Spring

How to exfoliate your
If your like me you know that it's really hard wearing any lipstick, or lip colour for that matter. I used to be able to throw on anything on my lips and am out the door. I guess it was all the bad tthings I didnt pay attention to over the years. I believe I was about 18 or 19 when I notice I could no longer do that. O ver the years I had to find a way to really pay find things that work for me experiment with natural brands some that worked and others just to expensive to not work. I will share with you different techniques to not only exfoliate but findin the right colours for you. It's spring so have fun with colours, you'll be surprise how beautifully they work for you.

Olive oil and sugar 

Mix a bit of olive oil with sugat in a small bowl. You will have to mix until you get your desired consistency.
Gently rub the mixture on your lips, massaging in a circular motion, some people use a washcloth, or toothbrush I prefer to use my hands.
Rinse the mixture with warm water, it's okay to swallow a bit of it, it's all natural.
Remember to rehydrate the sensitive skin you just exposed by putting on your favourite lip balm to give you a soft and smooth
Other ingredients include sugar and honey, follow the same instructions as listed above.

Lip Lines
Homemade exfoliator recipes aren't the only thing you cn use for exfoliating lips. There are some excellent beauty products that do the job. Many have small microcrystals that help diminish fine lip lines and contain good moisturizing agents.
Spring lip colours

 One of my favourites for a natural flawless look is Smash box flawless which cost about 25$. It really has a beautifully tint for any dark skin women looking for that natural neutral look.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick

  • Nude-Brown: Urban Auburn, Barely Nude, Autumn, Cafe Chic, Sugar Honey, TIger Eye
  • Pink-Berry: Candy, Bois de Rose, Wildly Pink, Blushing, Pink Parfait, Sunstone, Rubellite
  • Coral-Red: Melon, Nectarine, Coral Sun, Scarlet Siren, Cherry Passion
  • Mauve-Plum: Beige, Rose Tea, Hot Kiss, Exotic Orchid, Mystic Mauve, Plum Couture, Pinkberry
Pure Color Crystal Lipstick ($24.00)
  • Pink-Berry: Crystal Baby, Crystal Pink, Rose Petal, Rose Envy, Tiramisu, Passion Fruit
  • Coral-Red: Twinkling Ruby, Ripe Papaya
  • Mauve-Plum: Plum Fizz, Berry Truffle
Maybelling also has an extensive collection of 48 swatches to choose from

Top five Spring/Summer look 2011
These colours are this year's trending colours. I remember to go with what works you and try blending your colours this works well to bring out or tone down your lips.

1) Orange
2) Pink
3) Red
4) Burgundy
5) Red Orange

I am in love the colours they have now for your nails, it's so diverse you can do whatever you like with them and wear whatever colour you wish to wear.

When in doubt go red because if your going for a bright colour red goes with every skin tone, choosing that perfect colour for you can be a dauting task but take your time and really try new things that may compliment you.

 Helpful hint: Keep in mind there is nothing more avant garde than a dark skin women wearing a shocking pink shade of lipstick. Brigth red, tomato red, carrot red add  dash of vintage glamour to dark complexions. Wearing lipstick is suppose to be fun and creative. Have fun ladies
Here are some great trending colours for spring

The Best Spring 2011 Nail Polishes

So I must admit I have a few of these colours, I have been seeing them around and pick them up a long time ago. I have been tempted to try my yellow but so afraid to, it is very bright. It is the perfect colour for spring and summer, that happy colour on your nails and can really spice up some outfits.

 Healthy nails
  • Growing healthy nails has to do with your health and protect yor nails from environmental stress.
  • Implement the right amount of vtamin B and protein into your diet.
  • Take a daily multivitamin to make sure you are getting the right amount of vitamins.
  • Wear rubber gloves  whenever you are using cleaning products, wash dishes or using any chemicals
  • Moisturize nail beds regularly with a nondrying nail lotion. Rub the lotion over the entire nail bed once a day
  • Trim cuticles once a week, soften cuticle with a cream and them trim with a clipper.
  • The pointer your nail the easier it is to break
  • Give your nail a break from the polish as often as possible, The more time they spend in the nude the less they will dry and chip
  • Avoid biting your nails
  • If you develop ridges at the bed of your nails increase your intake of vitamin B

Stronger Nails
  • Drink lots of water, it hydrates your body and keep the fingernails from becoming brittle.
  • Vitamin E oil is very good. It can be used to  repair your damaged cuticles and also help the fingernail bed

Helpful hints:
  • Always roll your nail polish to avoid bubbles in the nail polish.
  • Apply a base coat t protect your nails from the colour
  • Always start in the middle of your nail when applyingthe colour
  • You can use tape to help you from getting nail polish on your fingers

Here is some great inspiration...Happy Spring

This is a great makeup idea for that bright mettalic look