Wednesday, March 2, 2011

All about Natural Shedding Hair

I recently got a post in my inbox ask me about shedding anad breakage. This is one of the most commonly asked question. Today I want to focus on shedding hair and discuss what you should know and do. It is important to know the difference between shedding and breakage.

What is Shedding?

Shedding is when your hair has reached the end of it's growth cycle and naturally falls out from the scalp with a tiny white bulb. It appears white because the hair has stop producing Melanin right before the growth cycle is about to come to it's end. After your hair has shed it takes about 130 day before a new follicle emerges from the root again. Shedding is not a major concern and is part of a natural healthy scalp.
Keep in mind that there is nothing to prevent shedding, since it is an internal process, rather than an external. Many times you see treatments that say they will prevent shedding, but how can that be if it is internal. A healthy lifestyle, good eating habits, and good hair care will ensure a great natural hair experience or any hair experience of that matter.

Our hair goes in and out of seasonal shedding. Many researchers believe that our hair shedding peak time is after fall and I must admit this happened to me. You tend to lose 50-100 strands daily. It is normal to lose strands after wearing a protective style for a very long time. Your shedding can change as you go through many experiences in life, like having a child and other internal experiences: hereditary, menstrual cycle and birth controls.
~Analyze your hair and scalp, make sure that there are no burns and abrasions.
~Pay attention to your hair, make sure it is not breakage: small broken hair, broken hair
~follow a healthy lifestyle 
~Do not get afraid it is normal to shed
~Make sure to remove all build-up from your hair conditioners, shampoo
~Use leave in conditioners and make sure your hair is moisturize
~Use little heat as possible
~Make sure hair is detangled properly to prevent excess combing
~Tomorrow I will discuss more on this topic and what you needs to understand about your hair
   growth, it all works hand in hand. I will also be focusing on Breakage for the next few days.

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