Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Perfect Twist Outs

I know many of you are experimenting with your styles, trust me I am too. My hair is growing and am so excited because I can see it more than I have in past months. It grows between 1/2 an inch to an inch every month. That is the rate it is suppose to, although I often wanted it to grow faster, I am being patient and diligent. Today I am going to share my step by step guide to achieving that perfect twist out. I dont do twist outs to often because I wear weave for the winter time, but summer is coming and I am sure I will be wearing lots of it.

You can achieve that perfect hair styles with practice, you may not get it exactly right at first but over time it does become easier. My hair is easily defined whether it be twist outs or braids outs. I notice I have a problem with achieving those styles. I do not use any products more than my leave-is I make to get that defined look.

Step by Step Guide

1) Start with clean and damp hair

I find that this look is better when you start your style off with clean washed and condition hair. Make sure that your hair is thoroughly detangled and soft. I have notice that Giovanni works amazing at detangling my hair. I love it, it has become one of my staple products in my hair care journey.

2) Divide your hair into 4 to 6 sections or as many as you choose.

3) Separate hair into sections as you apply your leave-in products, shea butter mix or cocoa butter mix makes you hair soft and perfect for that finished look you want.

Make sure to focus on the ends of your hair, do not use alot of products in your hair. If you plan to keep your twist in or refresh them in the night before you go to bed you do not want alot of build up in your hair and scalp at the end of the week

4) Twist you hair using two strands going back and forth until you have come to the ends of your hair. Repeat this step for the rest of your sections. Your twist do not have to be small, they can be at any size but shouldnt take you a long time unless you want a different look or to wear your twist small.

5) Allow your twist to completely dry and set. Do not put your scarf on unless your hair as dried to prevent frizziness

I usually sleep over night with them and take them out the next day. You can get the best results when your hair has dried

6) Apply drop of oil in your hands as you separate your twist, be extra careful as to not disrupt your curl pattern.

*coconut oil
*vatika oil (I will do an article on this tomorrow)
*jojoba oil
*or a blend of oils

Make sure to use dime size amount as to avoide products build up and a greasy look.

7) Separate your hair into smaller sections after you have separate your intial twist.


Make sure to cover your hair with a silk or satin scarf at night to protect your hair
Natural air is easier to style when wet or damp
use a styling product that works well for your hair
Pay attention to the products that are listed in your products
Use a hair butter or hair balm on your ends to seal in moisture
Stay away from using mineral oils for more information on natural oils Click here


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