Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Art Inspires

I came across this collection I am not sure where it is from, but it is beautiful, It really reminded me of growing up in the Caribbean. I just remember seeing this and feeling heart warmth at the idea of what it meant to wear your uniform and the styles you would wear your hair. To be honest it also made me sad at this age I was taking care of myself, so I had to do my hair (my hair was redish brown colour) still is just not as noticeable. I remember getting teased so much for it and simply because I did not know what to do with my hair, I was just learning to do my hair, I must had been 7 years old when I learned to braid and do my hair. I spend days crying, watching and learning.

I guess it paid off because today my hands are creative as they as can be. I want to put my focus toward young women this year, hopefully this year fundraising to run a summer camp for young women where I teach them about hair care, about self-confidence. For those young women you are having a hard time, you just dont have the confidence and more importantly for those that dont have a mom around to show them and reminded them of there beauty. I do believe this would be something amazing to have this summer, well for now it's just a dream and maybe one day I'll make it a reality. Art Inspires me in so any ways, brings back memories, hope, love, life, whatever you want it to be it can be.

Whoever the artist is I salute you!

Until Next time

Empower, Embrace, Create and Unite.