Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Detangling saved my hair

Believe it or not detangling works, I know because I spend so much time doing this before I really started taking the time to understand why I was doing it. Every time I detangle my hair it becomes easier to manage when I take it out of my protective style. I make it my joy to take time to detangle my hair. Yes, there are times I get frustrated but it's times like this I appreciate it because as I writing this article I just took my hair down and it's so detangled and easy to manage. I love it!

Why you must detangle your hair?
  • Remember that detangling will retain healthy ends and help you retain more hair growth.
  • It is very important you take your time when detangling your natural hair, or any hair type for that matter to prevent fairy knots.
  • Hair can easily get damage if handle rough
  • Detangling helps improve overall hair health
  • Manageable hair to manipulate for styling
  • So when you remove your styles your hair is easy to detangle
  • So you hair grows with healthy ends
  • To prevent split ends, or broken hair
When should you detangle your hair?

Everytime you wash your hair.
When you take your hair out of your protective style you should always detangled whether it's once a week or a month. If you have protective styles for a long time continue your treatments for examples if you have a weave you may not want to remove it to treat, detangle and put it back in. That's ok you can go ahead treat your hair and clarify your scalp, apply a leave-in and style your weave when dried. Refrain from using consistent heat on your weave when wet.

What to use to products to use to detangle my hair?

Apply a leave in conditioner that is cream based, this allows the hair to soften and makes it easier to manage. Remember our hair is like a sponge so a cream based will allow a slip feeling to your hair that will reduce damage.

Apply a natural oil, I always mix my home based product which is made of natural oils together with my giovanni deep leave in conditioner. It is amazing.

Types of Oils to Use:
  • coconut oil
  • olive oil
  • shea oil
  • castor oil
  • or any of your choice

What to use to detangle? How often to detangle?

Use a wide tooth comb, denman brush, wide tooth shower comb
combing your hair from the ends to the roots, repeat as needed to remove tangles. Remember not to comb on knots use your fingers and add my product slowly removing the knots. If your rip your hair out be careful any damage to your scalp could cause baldness and thinning hair.

Many use a oil rinse which is where you use several oils to reduce knots, I have done this a few times. I simply place the oil on my head and detangle the hair with my fingers, rinse. I apply a leave-in conditioner and detangle with a wide tooth comb or brush (most natural use a denman).

How to detangle?

I prefer to section my hair when detangle into four section, making it easy to navigate through my curls. I only use my fingers as my hair is fragile when wet. Start at the ends of your hair working your way up the hair shaft. I always detangle my hair with my fingers going through the strands but you do not have to do this. It is alot of work but does help with detangling. Make sure not to pull, or tug on your hair take your time. Remember your hair can easily become knotted, or pulled out if you rush through this process. Leave your section off and in the treatment as desired.
  • Tip: You can choose to detangle you hair in the shower using a wide tooth shower comb like Jilbere.
  • Tip: I use apple cider vinegar diluted with water to rinse my scalp, It does an amazing job.
  • Tip: Remember to apply a natural oil or a cream based conditioner to your damp hair while you twist or braid your hair.