Wednesday, April 6, 2011

MY NEW SITE: Free Mavericks

It's been a long time coming, as you all know I love to write so I decided to go with another blog. This one is going to be so much fun. It's very edgy, all about fashion, all about relationships and dating, and really just taking into all the things I love from art, to my friends and of course more focus on Fashion. This site will be very different from Dejavunaturals. I really wanted it to be more of a relax but informative and still me. If you have questions, anything you want to know or ask feel free to do so. I love talking about any and everything.

I am trying to understand why I love to write. I know it started as a child being really shy and timid. It gave me a voice now that I have moved away from that, I realize it is so liberating. I hope to continue to share my hair journey on Dejavunaturals with you all and then on my new site with Fashion and everything in between. I am not sure where I am going with both these sites for now I just want it to be successful, help some people, do some charity work and hope that I become successful in the process.

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Thank you for the continued support