Friday, April 8, 2011

Style Finds

I have been so busy today, I got up way to later and am so use to getting up early. I try to get up early to get my articles in order. I found some really cute and affordable things that I decided I would share with you all. I hope you all like. Dont forget to check out my youtube channel which I promise it will get better over time, am still learning alot about making videos, and putting myself out there. I am so shy when it comes to those things. I could only get better, right?

I love these from H&M bracelets, they are so nice and they look great on me. I just had to pick them up when I saw them. I usually dont like showing what I got but since I normal do style finds on my blog I figure I show you guys exactly how I find my afforable things, I visit many websites, stores, I dont just buy buy buy am trying to build a future for myself, a business and have fun. So yes, I love fashion but if I cant afford to buy the best, that's okay I look the best and yes you can find great items for affordable prices that make you look like a million dollars. Try to be adventurous, one thing my mom thought me growing up was to try to make your own things. She was always sewing a dress, skirt or top for me. She was always painting a t-shirt, she is so creative. I think she past it on to me because I love doing it all making earrings, I love art, maybe one day I will share it.
For now here you go ....Enjoy!!!

I love these from H&M, I have been eyeing them for so long

I really got these just for getting them but I like them

I love these for the summer and hope to get the clear ones, they are from Aldo 10.00$

I got this from Aldo it is so gorgeous am actually wearing this in my last video

I got these from Le Chateau there are stunning!!! I believe they were 15$ but I really like them.