Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fashionistas I love

I am so in love with fashion. Yes, if I have not said it enough, well I am. It makes me so happy and I love dressing up am like a kid in a candy store especially when it's vintage, unique and different stores. I believe we all have our own styles and I love when you can still be playful but sexy.

I dont think that fashion should leave you homeless or broke and labels arent always the best finds. I find that you can really play with your style when you make it or incorporate many pieces whether it be from thrift stores, I went through mom's vintage pieces growing up or pull out those 'never die pieces" at the back of your closet you will be surpirse the looks you can create.

These are some of my favourite women to look to and even though some are just coming out if you follow them you will know they are always on it. They are always having fun with fashion and still remaining themselves, so I hope you all do the same and have fun...


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She looks stunningggggggggggggg!!!!

Jessie J

I love this jacket so Her an so vintage sheek!!Besides her style this girl can SING

Wynter Gordon

Her body is insane, abs and everything and I love her music

Kim Kardashian

Rihanna or should I say her stylist

This is Rihanna and  her stylist Mariel Haenn

Okay guys and then there are bloggers tat have impecable style but I will do a post on the ones I love at a later date..


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