Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Natural Remedies to Remove build up from your Natural Hair

I have been getting alot of emails about removing build-up from your natural hair. What to use? I want a natural way to do this? There are so many ways to do this with out spending alot of money. I have done some research and of course from my own experience here are a few DO's that work...

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

This product is so great to remove build-up. I have spoken about my love for this product because it works for me. To be honest I do this once a week because I use my leave-in very lightly everyday, some days I do skip it but you have to always make sure that your scalp is clarifed so it can breathe. It needs to breathe in order to grow and be healthy.

Apple cider vinegar rinse is an acidic rinse. It restores the natural PH balance of your hair and closes the cuticle, because it closes the cuticles this creates smoother, shinier hair. Apple cider vinegar rinse will remove shampoo, conditoner, and product buildup. It kills bacteria that causes dandruff,  itchy scalp and will also kill lice problems.

Things you will need:

Apple cider vinegar use about 1/2 a cup depending on your hair length
Spray bottle
Hair clips
2 parts of water

Once you have condition your hair, spray the mix of ACV on your scalp and gently massage, the smell is strong but it subsides after a few minutes. Rinse the mis out of your hair and there you have it. Repeat this once a week if you have alot of build up, remember to put a leave in on your damp hair so it absords and puts the natural oils back into your hair that has been removed. For more on this visit my natural hair guide.

Ingredients you can try:

Jojoba oil:

I am so in love with this oil also a staple in my closest of hair products. I do not use it all the time but do incorporate. This is great for dry scalp and many of us do suffer from this problem. It helps to rebalance sebum you can find my article on sebum

For more on carrier oils and essentail oils Click Here

Hot Oil Treatments: Jojoba Oil

2 teaspoons
1 teaspoon organic soybean or organic sunflower oil

Gently warm these oil on low heat, massage mixture into hair, wrap hair in towel or cover with shower cap or plastic wrap for 15 minutes. Shampoo and rinse. If your hair is long use more of these oils to cover your hair. You can also leave the oils longer on your hair for a deeper treatment.

Natural Shampoo for Normal Hair

1/4 water
1/4 liquid castle soap
1/2 carrier oil of your choice and essential oil

Mix the ingredients together, store in a spray bottle and use this mix whenever you are ready to shampoo your hair. It is so simple and easy.

Essential Oil Hair Cleaning Vinegar Rinse

2 cups of apple cider vinegar
10 drops of essential oil ( rosemary, clary sage, lemon)

Mix vinegar and essential oils. Store your oils in a glass botle. If this mixture sits for a few days it allows it to blend alot better.

Here is another recipe:

2 cups of ACV
2 OZ OF lavender
1 tsp of glycerin
10 drops of rose geranium (essential oil)

Mix ingredient together using boiling water and let the ingredient sit for 3-5 days. Strain and refrigerate. You can use this time and time again by pouring a small amout of the mix in a container and adding water to rinse your hair.
Herbal Rinses

Sage Rinse

1 cup water
1 tsp sage
Pour the water over the sage and let it sit until it becomes steep. Strain and use the sage water as a rinse, you can use this product to remove excessive buildup, remove oil, and promote healthier hair and scalp.

Chamomile Rinse

1cup boiling water
1 tsp chamomile flowers
Pour the water over the chamomile flowersd remain until it is steep. This rinse soothes and heals the scalp leaving it with a silky sheen.
This rinse will lighten your hair so make it might not be a good idea to use it if you are looking to darken your hair or leave the colour. I personally do not use this rinse but add it as an option for other naturals.

There you have it beautiful...Viola

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