Monday, April 11, 2011

SnapShot: Natural Hair Styles

I cant believe I slept in but I will most likely be posting all day, I have so much to share. I spent this weekend working on a few details for our May 26 event and I am officially calling it Beautifully Naturally You. It will not only celebrate natural hair but body and mind. I will be posting the flyers this week for you all.

I also spent the last few weeks with this hairstyle and from my last youtube video post here

I usually post pics of other beautiful women but since I am getting a little bit more personal I have decided to share these. I hope you all love. I sat on my bed for an hour debating whether to post this. I dont know what am afraid of, I mean I think these snap are beautiful. Here they are ....

This is my hair now and am loving it, it's bantu knots I had in and just removed.

This was a weave I did, it was so cute!!

I had this is about a month ago invisible side path

This was my hair a week ago, am really loving this look.

This picture is when I first cut my hair, isnt that crazy this was last August. I am so amazed at how fast my hair as grown. I cant wait to take pics this August.

My love for twist

I use to love braids and then I just stop. Honestly I love doing syles but braids is a once every two year affair.

These pics are all hairstyles I have done and I have so much more to share but for now these are great ideas if your looking for something to do. I am available to do your hair, keep in mind I live in Toronto, Canada. Just send me an email, it's one of my passions.

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