Thursday, April 7, 2011

Music xoxo

My ipod as you may all know by now my music selection changes all the time. My first love has alway been music, well I guess I started writing first and singing second. I love music just as much. Lately I have come across some amazing artist that make you lay back and say AHHH!!

For one Alicia James, I have been going on about her on my blog because I absolutely love her music, and she is such a sweet heart. She just gave us a perview of her new song seven. I must admit hearing this made me feel so good about who I have become and where I am going.

I was a huge fan of destiny child's now and then but most of the times. I am
glad kelly got a song that actually songs great, well, that they decided to put
out. I find they put out the worst stuff for her, it's very different from her
other stuff, I think anyways.

One of my favourite Canadian artist, hands down, I love her voice and her music.I love this music video as well. Enjoy!

This song will forever be in my ipod because I love it, love it

That's all!!

Enjoy!!! If I miss anything you think I would love share it!!